Shae Wright

Northwest football signee safety Shae Wright is the brother of the Bearcats' starting quarterback, Braden Wright. The two previously played together at Elkhorn South High School in Omaha, Nebraska.


The Bearcats had 50 players sign or give verbal commitment to the football team on National Signing Day Feb.5

Shae Wright, as is his brother, is an Omaha, Nebraska, native. Trying to make a name for himself, he played football, baseball and ran track at Elkhorn South High School.

His own passion for the game came when he was 5 years old, when he started playing flag football.

Shae Wright, a safety, found his motivation from a former NFL standout that is now enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His way of discovery came from being indulged in the game.

“Watching Ed Reed as a kid and seeing how fun he made the position look,” Shae Wright said. “Safeties are known as the quarterback of the defense, and I always thought I should play quarterback.”

Shae Wright's thought of wanting to play quarterback perhaps stemmed from the fact that his brother has been the first-string gunslinger for Northwest for the past two seasons. He found that despite possibly being in his shadow, Braden Wright’s motivation was something that he could strive towards attaining.

When both suit up in green in the fall, Shae Wright is excited to look down the sideline and see his brother standing there as well. 

“I'm really excited I get to play with (Braden),” Shae Wright said. “But I'm most excited to get to play for such an amazing program.”

 For Shae Wright, it has been a building block towards the person that he is today.

“Football has taught me to never be satisfied,” Shae Wright said. “Whether that's on the field or in the classroom, football teaches you to never give up and always strive for greatness.” 

Coming into Northwest, Shae Wright will possibly be known as Braden Wright's younger brother. By the time that he’s done being a Bearcat, he hopes to make a name for himself.

“I'm gonna put my head down and go to work every day,” Shae Wright said. “I'm going to trust God and control what I can control.” 

With younger brother Shae Wright coming into the program, Braden Wright has helped his brother along the way so he is well prepared for when he gets to Northwest in the summer.

“Shae is a winner ard worker and teammate. He is an ultimate team guy,” Braden Wright said.

“I’ve worked out with him plenty, and I have gone to the field and thrown with him,” Braden Wright said. “It’s exciting for me to see all his hard work pay off.Today was his day, and I got to see all that hard work pay off.”

Braden Wright said that Shae Wright's work ethic has propelled him to do great things.

“My brother is the hardest worker I have ever met,” Braden Wright said. “He (Shae) wasn't naturally a freak athlete, and he is still growing into his body.  He took that and used that to put a chip on his shoulder, and he has worked for everything he has.” 

When it’s time for Shae Wright to come to Northwest this summer and put on a Bearcat paw, Braden Wright said Shae will be more than ready.

“He’s gonna come in here and fit right in,” Braden Wright said. “He’s gonna put his head down and go to work. He isn’t a guy that is gonna cause problems in the locker room, weight room or the field. Shae is just here to work and do his job.”

Braden Wright thinks Shae will be able to separate himself from the other guys on the team by being able to pick up on the defense.

“Even though he won’t be the biggest guy on the team, he is gonna have that mental edge over most people because he is willing to put in the hours,” Braden Wright said about his brother. “I’ve got no doubt in my mind that he will come in right away and start picking up on things.”

Branden and Shae Wright have a chance to win a National championship and for Braden that is something he is looking forward to.

“It’s exciting. We were talking about it this morning before he left to go sign,” Braden Wright said. “The last time we were on a team that won was back in highschool when we won a state championship.” 

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