Girls district semifinals

HAMILTON, Mo- The Maryville girls basketball season ended Feb. 23 against Hamilton in a 64-55 loss despite another notable effort from freshmen Serena Sundell.

Coach Quentin Albrecht still expressed encouragement in how his team performed despite the defeat.

“One of the things we’ve emphasized with the girls is that you might get out played but don’t get out worked,” Albrecht said. “I didn’t think we got out worked tonight so we’re really proud of the girls.”

The Spoofhounds played the Hornets tough in the first-half and would have went into the locker room with the lead if not for a buzzer beating near full-court shot from sophomore Nora Ford. Hamilton possessed the lead 28-26.

Maryville continued to be in the game until the wheels started to fall off late in the third quarter. After being tied 33-33, the Hornets finished the quarter with 15-4 run and led 48-37 heading into the final quarter.

“Points in the paint was basically the problem,” Albrecht said. “We thought about playing a little bit more zone but once the lead got six or seven they would probably end up running clock on us so we stuck to man.”

The Spoofhounds did battle back in the fourth quarter getting the lead to just 54-50 with under three minutes remaining thanks to a late charge from Sundell who accounted for 13 points in the final quarter. She finished with a game-high 33 points which gives her the three highest point totals in Maryville girls history just this season alone.

“Serena has been an outstanding player for us all year long,” Albrecht said. “She scored over five hundred points this year and I thought she had an outstanding game today.”

Albrecht stressed the potential of this team next season and also how significant the upcoming summer.

“I thought all of our girls played with a lot of heart and intensity,” Albrecht said. “I really feel that if we have a good summer that we’ll be able to turn those close losses into close wins.”

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