MHS Softball

At their game against Lafayette, Maryville High School senior Shellby Copple pitchs a ball. The teams both wore pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.

The Maryville softball team looks to remember the good memories as the Spoofhounds ended their season with a 12-0 loss in five innings against the Macon Tigers in the first round of the Class 3 District 8 tournament Oct. 13.

Maryville coach Chandra DeMott is proud of all her players, despite the tough loss, and hopes that none of them look to spread any blame. Along with that, she hopes the Spoofhounds celebrate all the good wins and memories of this season.

“I told them to make sure you remember the happy moments and memories of the season,” DeMott said. “Make sure that is what you hold on to, especially when ending your career, and just not putting any of the blame on just one person.”

In the first inning, the Spoofhounds mustered one hit via the bat of senior third basemen Morgan Wray. In the Tigers’ half of the first inning, they scored four runs off of an RBI double, along with a three-run home run.

DeMott didn't panic, as her girls have been in similar positions before this season, and she reminded the team to not be worried.

“It’s not the first game that we have been down,” DeMott said. “Even down four runs early on and being able to come back from that and attack again, but at that point, we weren’t really too concerned about it. I just told the girls to shake it off and control what they could.”

The Spoofhounds continued to struggle at the plate as they finished the game with two hits and put one baserunner in scoring position.

Maryville senior catcher Briley Watkins continued to push her teammates to keep their heads up and attack every pitch.

“Just keep your head up and just give it your all,” Watkins said to her teammates. “Just get the ball into play.”

The Tigers continued to dominate on offense, tallying more than 10 hits and scoring 12 runs.

The Tigers struck out once, while also having five batters walk through four innings, forcing the Spoofhounds to rotate through three different pitchers.

“Going into this game, we knew what Macon was capable of and we really talked about leaving it all on the field tonight,” DeMott said. “Going into the game, no one really expected us to win, so we were going all in and did what we could.”

Despite the high number of runs, Watkins still was proud of her pitchers and knew that they did all they could to keep it a close game.

“I think they all pitched well,” Watkins said. “It’s just (Macon) was getting around the ball really well and we couldn’t stop them from doing that. We were just trying to change up and changed up the pitches, but all my pitchers are pretty solid, so I’m very proud of them.”

In the top of the fifth, the Spoofhounds finished the game with three straight outs, effectively ending their season with a record of 6-11.

DeMott was proud of her seniors and their leadership and hoped that the underclassmen would embrace it. She also hoped her girls would never forget the family mentality.

“We go into it together and we go down together, one ship,” Demott said. “I just tried to make sure that they remember that family mentality.”

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