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Football fans in the city of Maryville will have to make a unique decision regarding which undefeated team they should support Nov. 12.

Two football games will be going on in city limits, as Maryville High School (12-0) hosts Kansas City’s Center High School (12-0). Northwest Missouri State (10-0) hosts Missouri Western (4-6). This marks the first time both teams have played at the same time just one-point-six miles apart since Nov. 17, 2012.

Each team is in the middle of what is shaping up to be yet another successful season for both programs. The Spoofhounds have already taken up the Midland Empire Conference title as well as the Class 3 District 8 title. Two more wins will take Maryville to the Class 3 State Championship for the first time since 2013.

The Bearcats have won a program record (25) straight games. The program has already secured its fourth consecutive MIAA Conference Trophy, and can also snatch an outright title with a win over the Griffins.

“It's a Saturday afternoon in Maryville,” Maryville High School coach Matt Webb said. “There are two great football games going on Saturday; it is what makes Maryville special this time of the year.”

It is not easy to find a city with two programs blessed with such rich winning tradition. Credit goes to the programs which have found a way to continuously develop legacy. The fan base which has stuck with the teams throughout time is what makes the programs want to perform to a high level. Empty stands at the Hound Pound and Bearcat Stadium are a rare sight. Now is the time where both teams need fans to show full support.

Both teams start their games 30 minutes apart. It is virtually impossible for fans who support both teams to experience the full amount of each game in person. There is really no solution to the problem. Northwests’ game time has been set since the beginning of the season. There is no reason to change it just because a high school game is going on west of campus. The Spoofhounds are not at fault either.

This is playoff season for the Spoofhounds. The Missouri State High School Athletic Association (MSHSAA) controls the scheduling of games at this point of the season. It is not Friday night this week because of travel distance for opponents.

Center is two hours away from Maryville. By bus, it takes even longer. If the game was Friday night, the Yellowjackets would have had to leave school early to travel to Maryville and get efficient warm-ups in. By the time the game gets over, they would not be getting back to Kansas City until 11 p.m. or midnight. It is not fair for the team.

The Spoofhound and Bearcat athletes could care less whether a few fans decide to go to one game over the other. They just care about being backed up by an energetic fan base. It is up to the student sections at each schools to show up in full power. Parents should go support their student athlete. Other fans can do whatever they want.

Find your category, and make sure to go out and show why each school has the best home field advantage in the region.

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