Flag football

 On September 12th the rec held flag football tournaments where fraternities and sororities battled for a spot in the finals

As the intramural flag football regular season gets underway, the playoffs are already on the horizon.

This season there are 52 teams spread across four different categories placing Northwest Flag Football as one of the largest intramurals sports.

“It reminds me of high school,” Zach Michalek said, a member of ‘SigEp Yours fraternity team.’. “Not being able to play collegiate sports, it kind of brings back that atmosphere.”

In Flag Football, there are four categories for teams including Co-Recreation, Fraternity, Men’s and Sorority/Women’s.

“It’s more involved,” Chelsea Gabriel said of Sigma Alpha sorority team. “It’s something that I haven’t really got to play, I watch football, but I like to actually play it; it’s really fun.”

This year the men’s category leads the way in number of teams with 16. This year many players are on more than one team. Flag Football gives students a chance to be athletes again.

“I think it is really fun for us to do,” Gabriel said. “If you’re not in a sport you can actually play, you can be competitive at something even though you’re not in a school sport.”

The Flag Football season started  Sept. 24 and went through Oct. 12. In those three weeks, most teams get to play three games with some teams getting to play more.

However, your record does not decide playoffs, instead it depends on your sportsmanship.

In this league, if a team reaches a 4-out-of-5 sportsmanship grade (given by the referees), then they will earn a spot in the playoffs.

“I think the refs (referees) do a good job,” Michalek said. “I got a few of them as my friends, but I think they do a good job considering it is fraternity.”

This year ‘PSK Champs’ is atop the Fraternity bracket with a 5 sportsmanship rating and a 2-0 record. On the Sorority side, ‘e-Lemon-ators’ took the regular season title with another 5 sportsmanship rating and a 2-0 season.

‘Throw Tht(That) Pass Ina Circle’ had the best sportsmanship in the Co-Recreation division taking the top seed with another perfect 5 and 3-0 season. Finally, ‘Mean Machine’ took the regular season crown on the men’s side with a 5 sportsmanship rating and a 2-0 record.

The Sorority/Women’s bracket started their playoffs Sunday Oct. 15. The CoRec followed starting  Oct. 16. The Men’s and Fraternity leagues started  Oct. 18.

The playoff games are played every Sunday between 2-7:30 p.m. as well as Monday through Thursday 3-7:30 p.m. The games are next to the Bearcat Pitch on the southwest side of campus. The championship game will be at Bearcat Stadium Oct. 28.

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