Maryville soccer

Senior Brenden Ware and Maryville soccer head to Kansas City this weekend to compete in the KC Showcase.

Maryville soccer cruised past conference opponent St. Joseph Benton Oct. 2 and is preparing to compete in the heavily anticipated Kansas City Showcase.

Just before the Spoofhounds make the 95-mile trip to Kansas City to play in one of the most respected tournaments in Missouri high school soccer, a foe stood in their way. Benton hasn’t proved to be much of a test for the ‘Hounds for much of the 2018 season and the Oct. 2 matchup wasn’t any different.

“I wanted to control and pass the ball while getting everybody involved,” Reuter said. “My goal was to spread the love a lot and build that confidence as we get closer and closer to playing the games that matter.”

Reuter will be relying heavily on season standouts senior Thomas Distefano and junior Jaden Hayes to put the team on their shoulders and use their upperclassman leadership abilities to take the team to levels they know they can achieve.

Maryville, to this point, has been unscathed in the two outings against the Cardinals this year, posting an undefeated record on the season when the two meet.

After the 6-0 win over Benton, the Spoofhounds will prepare to play on a much bigger scale than they have all season. The two matches that Maryville will contend in the tournament will be against opponents that are much larger in Carthage High School and East High School (Kansas City).

The first of the two contests will occur Oct. 5 when Carthage and Maryville square off.

“Carthage is a huge presence when it comes to class four play,” Reuter said. “Ultimately what our goal is to test their abilities on the field, play hard for 80 minutes, and see if we can’t hang around and come out victorious in the end.”

The Spoofhounds next meeting at the Showcase will come with class three powerhouse East high school. While both of these programs are unfamiliar with each other, Maryville has a very confident mindset heading into the Oct. 6 duel.

“There isn’t any nervousness within the locker room when taking on new faces,” junior Jaxson Pettlon said. “If we can go out on the field and play our game during practice these next couple days, we’ll be ready.”

Pettlon has served as a major advantage on the Spoofhound roster playing the defender role.

Injuries can be a major setback when a team is trying to make their case before district play and while the Spoofhounds have their fair share, Reuter is going to make sure he puts the best players on the field when the time comes.

“It's no secret that we have a few guys that are a little banged up, every team does,” Reuter said. “But if we just simply have that mindset that we can win at any time and there is no team out there that can really put it to us, we are going to be fine. These are the things that I am trying to instill within my boys.”

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