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The Spoofhounds get together during a time out to discuss their next play against Bishop LeBlond Jan. 17.

The 2009-2010 basketball season was underway in Trenton, Missouri, where coach Quentin Albrecht, now the coach of Maryville girls basketball, was pleased to be to working with freshman Megan Sole.

The experience coming from what Sole showed as a basketball player is why Albrecht was intrigued and excited to coach her. Albrecht was the head coach of the Trenton Bulldogs, allowing him to see the progress that Sole made when playing in middle school. Now, he was getting to coach her himself when she reached the high school level.

“Of course I knew her before that,” Albrecht said of Sole. “I had an eye on her as she came up through our youth programs and played junior high ball and stuff like that.”

Albrecht coached at Trenton for 15 years, including the four with Sole. This is where the relationship grew between Sole and Albrecht.

Albrecht left the school district and went on to work at North Central Missouri College, and exited the coaching profession..

Eventually, Albrecht found a different job in a new town, and perhaps by fate or by accident, found his way back into coaching.

“I came here to teach,” Albrecht said. “But there were some people that inquired whether I would be interested in doing some coaching again.”

Albrecht has had a reputation of being able to rebuild teams that may have had a slower season. This made him a top prospect for Maryville to be able to look at him for their vacant head coaching position.

Albrecht came to Maryville two years before he would bring Sole on to coach with him as an assistant.

After graduating from Trenton High School, Sole went on to play basketball and get her degree in athletic training from Central College in Pella, Iowa. After graduating from Central, Sole had the intention to coach, but she just wasn’t sure where.

“When I graduated college, I knew I wanted to coach,” Sole said. “I wanted to try that. So just looking around, talking to people, Quentin heard that I was looking, and so he reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to help.”

Reuniting with her former coach, Sole was glad to be able to take the offer.

“(It) sounded like a great opportunity, so I took it,” Sole said.

When Sole was hired as an assistant for Maryville, Albrecht was happy to be able to have her and be reunited. By being able to play basketball for Central College, Sole brings great assets and benefits to the team that helps contribute to developing Maryville into a more solid basketball team.

“Well, one of the greatest things is her familiarity with me,” Albrecht said. “Not only in what we do on the basketball court like with the plays, and defenses and stuff, the terminology. Some of the terminologies I use now, I used with coach Sole when we were in Trenton.”

Sole not only serves as the assistant coach to the team but after receiving her degree in athletic training, she also serves as the trainer when needed. From playing in Trenton, Missouri, to playing in Pella, Iowa, Albrecht is able to see the strong work ethic in Sole as she comes in and serves an important role for Maryville.

“She kind of serves a dual purpose for us,” Albrecht said. “She helps us and coaches guards, and then she also can attend to any injuries when our athletic trainer is not around.”

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