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Northwest men's basketball junior guard Trevor Hudgins and senior forward Ryan Hawkins do their pregame handshake prior to the Bearcats' 88-85 win in overtime against Washburn Feb. 20 in Topeka, Kansas. The duo combined for 44 points. 

Hello and welcome back to this week’s edition of Walk The Talk, the weekly mailbag column where I answer all of your questions regarding mostly Northwest Athletics. The men and women of Northwest basketball are nearing the end of their seasons, so squeeze in basketball questions while you can. Otherwise, feel free to fire away with anything about any of the ’Cats.

Can you update us on who you think the men’s MIAA Player of the Year will be?

I’d be delighted to. 

Trevor Hudgins. 

The Bearcats’ junior guard out of Manhattan, Kansas, is currently fourth-best in the league in terms of scoring (19.7 points per game), shooting 52% from beyond the arc and averaging a league third-best 5.1 assists per contest. 

Of course, Ryan Hawkins has a chance to win it as well, but his defensive stature more so defaults award voters to hand him MIAA Defensive Player of the Year. Hawkins has won that award twice already, so don’t be surprised if he wins it for the third time in four years. 

If it isn’t Hudgins, it’ll more than likely be Washburn’s Tyler Geiman or Missouri Southern’s Cam Martin. 

However, if I had a vote, I’m dishing it to No. 12 from Northwest. 

Why does Northwest tennis recruit so much out of the country? 

Simply put, for the same reason Northwest football recruits so heavily in the United States. 

Northwest football doesn’t recruit out of the country because rarely anybody overseas plays football. It’s the same thing in the United States.

There are tennis players in America, an abundance of them at that, but tennis isn’t one of the most coveted sports in the states. However, it is in other countries that don’t have football, basketball or whatever the circumstance might be. 

There are 19 athletes between both the men’s and women’s teams — 16 of them aren’t from the United States. Northwest tennis is traditionally pretty good, too. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Is Nick Cannon's "Wild 'n Out" a sports movie?

Yes, without a doubt.

Is Washburn better than Northwest despite the Bearcats’ win last weekend? Could the Ichabods win a third matchup if they meet in the MIAA Tournament?

No, Washburn is not better than Northwest. 

The Ichabods, without a doubt, give the Bearcats a better punch than any other team in the league has this season. Northwest has played close games, but that Washburn matchup is just something different. 

Northwest is still undeniably the best team in the MIAA. They moved back to No. 1 in this week’s NABC Division II poll, so they’re the best team in the country, too. 

I’m not even sure what I’d do if the two programs met with an MIAA Tournament trophy on the line, because that’d be interesting. If I had to say one thing that’s certain, it’d be that the game would go into overtime. It’s happened twice already, so why not a third? 

However, I think Northwest wins if it happens. It’d be close, but not closer than the last two matchups. It’d be in Bearcat Arena, too, so I’m not taking the ’Cats to lose on their home court twice in one season. 

Walk-the-talk is a mailbag that focuses on all things Northwest Athletics. To submit a question for the next edition of the mailbag, tweet @ByJonWalker or email j.walker.missourian@gmail.com.

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