MHS Soccer

Junior Morgan Pettlon is a stand-out athlete on the Spoofhound soccer team, and looks to work towards another strong season as one of the upperclassmen leading the team.

With just under a week left before the season starts, Maryville girls soccer is working with what it can to get ready for its home opener against Savannah.

After earning a 16-7 record last spring, Maryville is returning several of its starters for the 2019 season. The Spoofhounds also have younger players who have not seen much time on the field.

The team lost five seniors from last season, allowing some younger players to step into these positions. Coach Dale Reuter is looking forward to being able to get some of the younger players on the field and start to build experience at the high school level.

“There are really good players that we have had on the bench,” Reuter said. “We are looking for those girls to take that leadership role and step into that starting position. They have to work hard, and they know they have to work hard.”

Many of the players on this team have been with each other since they were at a young age, allowing the players to be a part of a “family.”

The weather has been taking a toll on how spring sports are able to get prepared for their upcoming seasons. This has been a problem for the Spoofhounds, as they have not been able to practice outside yet because of the conditions of the field.

Although spring sports are battling with the outdoor weather, Reuter is making sure his team is going into its first game prepared. The Spoofhounds may not be able to practice on a field just yet, but they are doing what they can inside with strength and conditioning.

Junior defender Stephanie Ingram explained what they have been working on specifically for this season.

“We are working on individual skill and really building together as a team,” Ingram said. “All the players this year, we’ve all played together since we have been little, so we have a close bond. The weather hasn’t been cooperating, that’s why we take those chances when we can get inside the Hughes Fieldhouse at Northwest.”

The regular season came to a close last year, but the ‘Hounds were not done yet, knocking on the door for a state playoff berth. They opened district play with a win over Lafayette then moved on to defeat Benton, reaching the state tournament.

Junior forward Morgan Pettlon reflected on what this says about their team.

“It shows all the commitment we are doing now,” Pettlon said. “Being able to work as a team and work together.”

Maryville kicks off the 2019 spring season with a home game 5 p.m. March 19, against Savannah. Reuter set his expectations for the first game of the season.

“I know that he (Jeff) is going to have them ready,” Reuter said. “We have to up our game, and I think we are doing the best we can. We have a lot of young and newer faces that come in here, but they come with a lot of skill.”

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