Maryville wrestling prepares for season

Maryville wrestling is preparing to begin its second season under coach Kody Koster.

The Maryville wrestling program aims for success under second-year coach Kody Koster. With limited coaching experience Koster’s draws from a lifetime of wrestling to balance things out.

An issue that plagued the roster last year was due to the lack of athletes for specific weight classes. An issue that could arise could be a lack of leadership amongst those on the team. This is due to the small number of upperclassmen, which proves that the team is quite inexperienced from an age standpoint.

For the athletes that are underclassmen, even though they may not carry much experience, they will benefit from the experience of the coaching staff.

This is where Koster has great confidence in himself and his surrounding coaching staff to make up for the lack of experience on the team. He wrestled in college at Buena Vista University. Koster brings a special type of energy just when he talks about wrestling. He may very well be the spark plug that this team could need.

“After last season, we have a lot to prove,” senior Jarrett Partridge said. “We lost some good leaders last year, but I know coach will have us ready to roll when the season starts up.”

The passion Koster has for wrestling is second to none.

“There is nothing that can replace that one-on-one matchup out there on the mat,” Koster said. “All of the attention is on you out there, honestly it does not get any better than that.”

Koster hid no excitement at the fact that the season is inching closer and closer. There is something that could be easily overlooked by many.

“What most people do not realize is the middle school has a wrestling program here as well,” Koster said. “That helps a lot as a coach because you know that these underclassmen have already possibly been in a program that allowed them to learn some of the basics.”

Koster wanted to make sure that the program is getting all the attention it deserves. The thing that is so unique about having this program available before high school is giving these kids an opportunity to jump ahead of the curve.

The wrestling team was hindered last season due to the lack of athletes at different weight classes. Koster hopes to not have this damper the team’s ability to compete at tournaments and matches.

Although it appears as though Maryville will not have a heavyweight, this marks the second year Maryville will not carry a heavyweight. The only other weight class unaccounted for is 145, seeing as there are multiple people who can wrestle up or down a class.

The ultimate goal is for the ‘Hounds to compete as a team and win as many matches as possible. Koster realizes that isn’t always the case.

“As long as the kids are progressively improving their skills that is all I can ask for,” Koster said.

In the end, the goal is to shape these kids into great young adults, even though we would not mind enjoying success together as a team.

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