MHS Throwback

Jonathan Baker, former Spoofhound quarterback from 2011-2012, attempts to avoid a Cardinals defender Friday at Lawson High School. Baker was 10-for-19 and threw for three touchdowns. The Spoofhounds won 40-0.

The year is 2010.

Barack Obama is about half-way through his first term, Buzz and Woody are covering movie screens across America with Toy Story 3 and Apple just released the first iPad. Oh, and the Maryville Spoofhounds just lost a home football game — something that hasn’t happened since.

The Spoofhounds, known for their postseason success, were heading into the fall of 2010 with the goal of another state championship on their mind. This ideology, coming from a Chris Holt-led football team, was the same motivation behind the ‘Hounds year in and year out. Much like any other season at Maryville High School, the expectations around the team were high. 

As everybody across the nation was bopping to Eminem’s new song “Love the Way You Lie,” Holt was getting the ‘Hounds ready to open their season on the road against Lawson. The Cardinals, having their season ended the previous year by the eventual state champion Spoofhounds, were looking for revenge to open their 2010 campaign. 

Shockingly enough for the Spoofhounds, Lawson was able to avenge their loss from nearly 10 months earlier. This loss, unusual for Maryville, was the spark that gave Holt’s squad the boost they needed for the upcoming weeks.

Week 2 of the season was the home debut for Maryville against the Smithville Warriors. The ‘Hounds were able to rattle off wins in their next five games, leaving their mark in the Midland Empire Conference once again. Not only did the Spoofhounds win these games, they embarrassed opponents; the closest final score being a 13-point victory over a half-decent Benton Cardinal team. 

Heading into week seven of the season, the Spoofhounds were 3-0 in the ‘Hound Pound that season. Not only would this week include added pressure, with playing powerhouse conference foe Savannah, but it would be accompanied by something unfamiliar to the ‘Hounds — a loss at home.

Aside from Lawson, Savannah was the other opponent that gave the Spoofhounds a good matchup every season. On this particular Friday night in 2010, a tough matchup was accompanied with a 41-7 beatdown for the ‘Hounds. 

Holt, as well as many of the Spoofhound players, decided to dedicate themselves to protecting the ‘Hound Pound at all costs.

“Well first, we were always tough to play at home,” Holt said. “After year one, we just won a lot of football games. … I think the kids started to value the idea that we were playing at our place, I think we realized how important it was to just win at home.” 

The Spoofhounds went on to win another four straight, including two home games, one of those being in the first round of the playoffs. An eventual end would come to the 2010 campaign when Holt and the ‘Hounds were ousted by the soon to be state champions Richmond High School, in Maryville. This was the last time a home football crowd at Maryville High School would experience this feeling for a long time — defeat. 

In 2011, which was Holt’s last year at the helm of the Spoofhounds, started off with a convincing 48-0 home win over Lawson, giving the Cardinals a taste of what they handed the ‘Hounds a season prior. 

Maryville was able to string together a 9-1 record in the regular season, a lone loss from the hands of Savannah being the only blemish in the right column. Out of the five games the “‘Hound Pound” hosted that year, not a single time did they witness the Spoofhounds accept defeat.

The 2011 campaign was ended, yet again from Richmond in the second round, this time being on the road. 

Fast forward eight seasons later, this high school in a small town located in the northwest corner of Missouri has something riding on them aside from their high expectations, the fact that it’s been 61 games since the city of Maryville witnessed the Spoofhounds lose in the ‘Hound Pound.

The 2019 season slates the ‘Hounds with four home games, the first one of those being week four against St. Pius X (Kansas City). 

Although leaving after starting the streak, Holt knows how special it is that it’s still alive to this day.

“It’s really, really impressive,” Holt said. “Coach Webb has done a great job of improving what we started back then. … Football in the town of Maryville is important, it’s nice to see that (Maryville) is still having success.”

Sixty-one consecutive home wins later leaves things that drastically differ from when the streak started. Donald Trump is nearing the end of his first term as president, Buzz and Woody have ended their journey together with Toy Story 4, and the iPad is far more advanced than it was nine years ago.

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