Aiden Cullin

Senior running back Aiden Cullin (21) rushed for 109 yards and a touchdown on 8 carries in Maryville's 49-12 win over Chillicothe Sept. 13.

CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — As the clock dwindled down, with an eventual 49-12 victory all but officially decided, Maryville football coach Matt Webb shouted and yelled at the backups, demanding excellence from them — just as he always does.

Coming into the Sept. 13 matchup against the Chillicothe (2-1), Maryville (2-1) hoisted a 12-1 record against the Hornets since the turn of the decade. That record included 9 out of the last 10 games against the MEC foe.

After leaving the scoreboard blank in the first quarter of the first two games of the season, the Spoofhounds found themselves there quite a bit in the first 12 minutes of action — three times to be exact.

Despite a 56-20 blowout over Harrisonville in Week 2, offensive struggles were something that Webb thought the team needed to address. Specifically mentioning the rough start that the ‘Hounds got out to in the first two games of the year, the fact that they hadn’t scored a single point in either of the two first quarters prior to the Chillicothe matchup.

A 52-yard touchdown, roughly a minute and some change into the game, via the legs of senior running back Aiden Cullin appeared to be the indication that the Maryville offense had hit its stride in Week 3 of the season.

“(Recent success) feels pretty good,” Cullin said. “It’s pretty easy running behind that offensive line, those guys are studs. It’s nice having them ... and I’m hoping to do more.”

The ‘Hounds run game, coupled with standout senior receiver Tate Oglesby, continued an onslaught on the Chillicothe defense, leaving Maryville with a 21-0 advantage over the Hornets at the end of the first quarter. Another touchdown in the second quarter gave the Spoofhounds a 27-0 lead heading into the locker room.

Six different Spoofhounds contributed to the offensive clinic displayed at Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium Sept. 13. Junior running back Connor Weiss was the only Spoofhound to record multiple scores in the game — one coming via the arm of junior quarterback Ben Walker, the other from Weiss using his own legs to power into the endzone for a 2-yard touchdown right before halftime.

Maryville’s offense was good for seven touchdowns on 424 yards of total offense in the game. Webb previously preached that the focal points for the program are to run the football effectively and play physical defense. The rushing attack alone for the Spoofhounds’, which accounted for 260 yards, was enough to trump the 183 total yards of offense that the Hornets answered back with.

“I can’t say enough … how proud I am of our coaching staff,” Webb said. “These guys know football inside and out. Beyond that, they are great people. We’re fortunate in Maryville to have kids that are coached by guys that know their X's and O’s and know how to coach football but know how to treat young men.”

This win, as Webb put it, leaves the Spoofhounds in a much better position than if the outcome would have differed because, “If you want to win the MEC, it’s a lot easier to start off 1-0 than 0-1.”

Maryville left Chillicothe not only with a 49-12 blowout victory, but a place amongst the top of the MEC standings and matchup with St. Pius for the home-opener in the ‘Hound Pound.

“That place is called the Hound Pound for a reason,” Webb said. “It’s exciting.”

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