Maryville Track and Field

Junior Molly Renshaw took first place in the high jump as well as winning the 300-meter hurdles April 9.

While Maryville track and field is roughly halfway through its season, the remaining outcomes will be impacted by its underclassmen and new athletes.

As Maryville continues to attain top level performances both for individual and team events, the athletes, no matter their age, are looked at during practice to see if they can help the team rack up points at the varsity level.

“I really expect them to get out there and go,” coach Nathan Powell said. “We put our best kids out there every chance we get, and especially with the girls, we have a pretty young group that’s out there and scoring points for us.”

With consistent success coming from underclassmen like freshman Sloane McAdams, sophomore Morgan Stoecklein and sophomore Garrett Dumke, the Spoofhounds are looking forward to the rest of this season, along with hopefully many rewarding years to come. One of most successful events for Maryville is one of the girls 4-x-400 relay teams, which is made up entirely of sophomores.

“We’re working hard so when we get up there we can be the leaders, but right now, we’re just trying to follow and get the basics down so when we get up there we’ll be good,” sophomore shot put thrower Ashlyn Alexander said.

While many underclassmen are racking up points during individual events like sophomore Garrett Dumke and freshman Cale Sterling, who placed first and second respectively in the boys 3200-meter race during the Joe Shy Relays at Chillicothe High School March 4, other young athletes are helping out with a variety of different team events.

McAdams and Stoecklein garner points for the Spoofhounds through their participation in multiple girls relay events. The girls' relay is one of the most successful events the Spoofhounds take part in.

“Sloane and Brooklynn (Holtman) are in a lot of events,” junior Cloie Murrell said. “At the meets, I think they have a big impact on the finish.”

As the season slowly moves on and the Spoofhounds start to integrate prominent freshman and sophomores into permanent varsity starting positions, their finishes seem to get better and better.

“Garrett Dumke is a sophomore who’s done a fantastic job with distance,” Powell said. “Beau Gillespie is throwing and has jumped up and started throwing some of his best. As of right now, those are the one that really set up and show out.”

At the Joe Shy Relays, the Spoofhounds came out with multiple individual successes and personal records. The Spoofhounds ended the meet with a first-place finish for the boys team, ranking with a total of 151 points, and the girls fared similarly with a third-place finish and 80.50 points.

“We’re seeing improvements, and all things said, I was telling them earlier that on Friday that we had over 20 personal bests, so girls and boys both are doing really well,” Powell said.

Maryville has had a somewhat successful season thus far and hopes to continue its good fortune as it heads into its next meet.

“It’s traditionally been a pretty competitive meet with some of the schools that have come in,” Powell said. “It’ll be interesting to see how we match up with them and hopefully see some improvement and see something to build off of.”

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