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Maryville tennis is looking towards improvement off of their first match of the season by leaning on younger athletes on the team.

With a loss to start the season, the Maryville boys tennis team is looking to get back on track after acquiring a win over St. Joseph-Lafayette April 1.

The Spoofhounds (2-1) were able to come out with the victory over Lafayette by a score of 9-0, only dropping three total games in the matchup. Senior Mason Walk gave the ‘Hounds a win at the No. 1 spot in singles.

From there, the team kept building and never let up, moving past the loss that it suffered at the beginning of the season.

Walk was able to see a variety of teams and competition just a week earlier at the Cameron tournament March 27. Walk was able to grab a fourth-place finish, achieving the highest finish for the Spoofhounds.

Coach Nicole McGinness said she believes this tournament early in the season allows her team to have the opportunity to compete well for the rest of the season.

“It really helps the boys to get some good practice in and see the competition for the year,” McGinness said. “At the Cameron tournament, we see a lot of really good teams, so it is good to compete against good competitors at the beginning of the season.”

After last season, Maryville was trying to find players to fill spots in the varsity lineup for this season. The Spoofhounds had players that had seen varsity time and experience last season to be able to step up in the varsity ladder.

Walk played in the No. 3 spot last year but was promoted to No. 1 after Maryville lost two seniors in its varsity lineup. Senior Cade Gustafson and Junior Jaden Hayes went from No. 4 and No. 5 spots last year, to No. 2 and No. 4 spots this year. Junior Ethan Stone, playing at the No. 3 spot, also saw varsity time last year.

McGinness can tell that the players are willing to step up into these leadership positions on the varsity ladder.

“They are kind and really want to help all of the boys reach their potential,” McGinness said. “They are always willing to help with the fundamentals, and it really makes a fun and neat environment for the whole team.”

With three seniors, two juniors and one sophomore, Maryville is a diverse group of individuals that come with different skill types. When facing a difficult team, McGinness can count on some of her players to step up when she needs them to.

As a coach for the Spoofhounds, McGinness is just asking the athletes to play to the best of their abilities and compete in every meet, no matter the level of competition that they are facing.

“My goal is for all players to play to the best of their abilities,” McGinness said. “Each (team) has different strengths. If the players do well and work hard, then that is all I can ask and hope that they can accomplish (that).”

Maryville has won back-to-back meets, after earning a win over Bishop LeBlond April 2, 8-1. The Spoofhounds will look to get their first home match played against Cameron April 8.

Final Results from April 1:

Maryville - 9 Lafayette - 0

Mason Walk def. Jonnathan Taylor (8-1)

Cade Gustafson def. Brett Lynch (8-0)

Ethan Stone def. Andy Nguyen (8-0)

Jaden Hayes def. Ethan Lowe (8-0)

Trevor Townsend def. Favian Hudson (8-0)

Mitchell Meyers def. Hector Pablo-Mendoza (8-0)

Gustafson/Stone def. Taylor/Lynch (8-2)

Walk/Townsend def. Lowe/Hudson (8-0)

Hayes/Matt Goodridge def. Nguyen/Pablo-Mendoza (8-0)

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