MHS Basketball Feature

This is the first season Coach Matt Stoecklein (middle) has coached his son Creid (right) on the Maryville Spoofhounds boys varsity basketball team.

The Stoecklein household gets to experience one of the most unique and rare opportunities for a family involved in athletics. Many basketball nights in Maryville, Missouri, is almost a family night for the Stoecklein’s, with three of the members participating in the games.

Matt Stoecklein is the coach of the boys basketball team, and his son Creid is a junior that plays valuable varsity minutes for the Spoofhounds this season. Matt’s daughter, Morgan, is a freshman on the girls, and has seen time on varsity this season.

The coach said being able to be around Creid more has deepened their relationship as father and son.

“Every practice, and every game, I get to see him,” Matt Stoecklein said. “Now that he is on varsity, we have developed an even more special relationship.”

Matt Stoecklein said he also enjoys the time he can regulate to just being a dad in the stands when his daughter Morgan is playing.

“It’s nice to have her be at the high school, and go over to watch her practice,” Matt Stoecklein said. “I don’t get to go to all her games, but when I do, I can just sit in the stands, and be a dad for a change, which is nice to have.”

Creid Stoecklein has been able to grind out a spot on a team filled with many standout players. Matt Stoecklein said he is proud to see how his son has come into his own on the team.

“He never worries about his points, and for him, it’s always about his assists,” Matt Stoecklein said. “He wants to the break the assist record. That’s nice to see he’s so unselfish in that regard.”

Creid Stoecklein said that everything he puts on the floor during games relates back to what his dad taught him.

“As a player, I’ve learned everything I know about basketball from him,” Creid Stoecklein said. “He taught me everything from how to dribble a basketball, how to shoot or anything we do on the team now.”

Most boys are able to experience what it’s like to learn the game they love from their father, but Cried Stoecklein said he knows this experience is something a little more special.

“Everybody’s dad coached them at one point,” Cried Stoecklein said. “But not many people get to say that they have been your high school varsity coach for multiple years, and it’s just a special experience to have.”

Morgan Stoecklein said that basketball is a huge part of their family life at home, and her father helped develop her basketball skills at a young age despite Volleyball and Track being a her main sports.

“Sometimes, I’ll get home, and my dad will be watching film, so we’ll watch it with him,” Morgan Stoecklein said. “He helped me a lot when I was younger with getting to the gym and shooting together.”

Basketball also follows the family outside of the high school. Watching the sport is a tradition at the Stoecklein household with most of the family.

“We watch it together. We enjoy college basketball, and we watch Kansas University together,” Matt Stoecklein said. “It’s nice that they have an understanding of the game, so we can sit and talk about it.”

Matt’s wife Heather also expressed an immense amount of joy in the experience of watching her family members this season.

“I love watching my kids play, and my husband coach basketball,” Heather Stoecklein said. “It always seems like we have something to do, and I like being a part of it.”

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