MHS Soccer

Junior James DiStefano from Maryville High School kicks the ball down the feild in a game against St. Joseph Benton. The Spoofhounds ended the long game with a score of 6-0.

With the district tournament on the horizon, Maryville boys soccer is set to play five consecutive conference games in a row down the stretch of the regular season.

As the Spoofhounds prepare for these upcoming games to get the best seed possible, they’re ready to finish the season on a high note.

“We are making sure we are set and ready to go, trying to make sure everyone is healthy and creating a positive attitude during practice and games,” senior forward Justin Staples said. “We are also making sure we can keep everyone safe so we can go into districts very well rested and ready to go. We are getting everyone ready so that when it is time for districts everyone knows we are a top team and we can go hopefully further than just districts.”

Districts looms in the distance for now, but the five conference games come first and the Spoofhounds are focused on making sure everyone is 100% rested and ready for this long stretch of important games.

A tough stretch before the postseason can be detrimental to some teams. For Maryville, Staples is hoping that isn’t the case.

“I try to stay positive on and off the field and be that role model,” Staples said. “I try to be a good influence in every aspect of the game and make sure that we are all on the same page. I try to make sure that everyone who needs a break can get one and that we stay rested and ready to go.”

The Spoofhounds’ keys to winning these upcoming games revolve around sharing the ball and making timely decisions to put them in the best possible chance to succeed.

They’ll start their quest through the skid Oct. 15 against St. Pius X.

“We are working on awareness of the pitch, positioning and making quicker decisions and quicker passes to make sure we get the ball off the foot and set us up for good chances,” Maryville coach Chase Tolson said.

A challenge for the Spoofhounds this year has been losing people to quarantine. The Spoofhounds, not unlike many others, have had to make adjustments due to the pandemic.

“We need to stay healthy and quit losing people to quarantine,” Tolson said. “One of our main scorers is in quarantine, and we have all had to adjust to the pandemic going on.”

Tolson remains confident in his team’s ability to be successful going into these upcoming conference games and the postseason. The Spoofhounds are staying healthy and giving themselves the best possible chance for success.

“Fortunately, we have most of our team right now. We can give people breathers, be healthy and be energized when districts come around,” Tolson said. “That is our main focus right now, and we are going to be well rested for districts as long as we stay healthy and do our part to keep up the energy.”

The Spoofhounds have what they need to be successful in their games over the next couple weeks. As the district tournament gets closer, the importance of these conference games goes up, and they are ready for whatever is thrown their way.

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