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Junior Jaden Hayes (No.7) fights off Chillicothe defender Carter Allen (No.14) in Maryville's 2-1 loss Sept. 17. Hayes scored a game-tying goal late in the second half. 

After a hot start to conference play, the chilling factor is the only thing that sticks with Maryville soccer as it takes a loss heading into six free days in the schedule.

The Spoofhounds now head into a few days off, but not before the break suffered a minor setback in an extra time defeat to conference rival Chillicothe 2-1.

Maryville started the week and Midland Empire Conference play strong as ever as it bested Savannah 4-1. The Spoofhounds gained confidence and projected themselves as a dominant team heading into the Chillicothe game.

After the first showing, Maryville seemed like the team to beat in MEC play, but fell just short against Chillicothe. The heartbreaker happened as the teams ended regulation tied up 1-1, but one team had to go home the loser and as luck had it, it was the home team.

“We saw (Chillicothe) for the first time this year,” coach Dale Reuter said. “We didn’t come out to play. We should have won this game.”

As the dead days begin for Maryville, so does a lot of chances to tune its craft and comeback. With an uncharacteristic game against Chillicothe, it's time for the Spoofhounds to reflect on what they did wrong and how it is going to be fixed.

The weather will play a big part for Maryville in the upcoming weeks, as it has already been affected by Mother Nature with a pair of cancellations. As rain comes into the forecast, this six day break may quickly become less than that with chances to practice outside becoming a struggle.

Though the Spoofhounds may be left inside with the rain coming, they will have no chance but to clean up their play quickly, because in MEC play there is no room for mistakes and no opportunity to give games away.

“We are 1-1 in conference play right now, so we have to dig ourselves out of a hole,” Reuter said. “We will just have to start again tomorrow, hopefully we learn from this loss and come out tomorrow and be better.”

In the game of soccer, luck can sometimes be a major factor in a win or loss, and sometimes that can become a case of not who is the better team, but who is meant to win. Maryville fell victim to this early on and never could recover.

Now that Maryville is done with the Hornets, it will be put into the back of their minds as they go forward towards St. Joseph to face Lafayette High School. They will use their off days to prepare and get their minds right in order to accomplish their ultimate goal of a playoff run.

“We’re just trying to win,” senior Thomas DiStefano said. “The goal is to just get as many W’s as we can and eventually entering district play and going as far as we can.”

Sept. 24 will be the next matchup for the Spoofhounds, as they begin the St. Joseph gauntlet playing Lafayette then LeBlond, before coming back to Maryville against Benton.

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