Emily Long at State

Maryville junior Emily Long finished 11th overall in the MSHSAA Class 1 State Golf Tournament Oct. 16 at Mozingo Lake course, while the Spoofhounds as a team finished fifth.

As the sun went down on the final day of the Class 1 State Golf Tournament, the Spoofhounds packed up another golf season mostly empty-handed.

Maryville fell out of the race for a state trophy on the final day of the tournament, and left Mozingo with an individual medal to remember the occasion.

Day one of the Class 1 State Golf Tournament allowed the Spoofhounds to show their arsenal of weapons throughout the team. With three scores under 100 (junior Emily Long, senior Laurelle Wickersham and senior Kylee Dougan), Maryville sat in fourth place, with an opportunity to come out firing on the second day.

The opposite occurred as the Spoofhounds fell to the course’s wrath. Long held fourth place after the first day, but during day two dropped back to a tie for 11th. Wickersham felt a similar experience as she went from 12th to a tie at 18th.

While the goal was to go out and have fun, the hope was a trophy to shine in the Maryville wall of fame. The Spoofhounds ended nine shots off of this coveted prize leaving them with one individual medal from Long.

“I’m disappointed that we ended getting fifth place,” coach Brenda Ricks said. “We were hoping to get in the top four, but that’s alright.”

Long led the team the whole way as she shot an 84, giving her a tie for fourth. But trouble came quickly in the second day as a rough start to the day dropped her back and pushed her to 15th, before a final burst of mental stability gave her a tie for 11th.

Through the year Long’s goal was to grab a top ten finish at state, but a 93 on day two pushed that idea out the window. Long limited the damage greatly in the back nine as she still held a position in the top 15.

“I started off bad on the front nine, but got mentally focused,” Long said. “Then I just took it one shot at a time and improved on the back.”

Preseason goals pushed the Spoofhounds past the limits that they thought were their max. The goal of playing as a team at state propelled the team forward every step of the way. Now as they glance back on the year it’s a sight to behold.

From individual goals to awards, the Spoofhounds grew greatly from last year to now. For Long, it was a better state finish going from 15th to 11th, nothing to look over without a glance. As a team, they were not within range of making it to state, but this year was something special as they ranked in the top five in Class 1. But the greatest growth was in the mental edge that gave the Spoofhounds their weapons. 

“Golf is all a mental game, my job is to help the girls mentally, I don’t really help their swings,” Ricks said. “I’m proud of my girls for overcoming the obstacles, because it’s been a long two days.”

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