Girls Basketball

Maryville high school head coach Quentin Albercht and assisant coach Kelly Obley wraps the Monday practice up with a pal up break Nov 13, 2017.

As activities for Maryville High School move indoors, the girls basketball team sets its sights on the beginning of a new season.

The Spoofhounds started season preparation in the final week of September with a mission. Coach Quentin Albrecht said the team has showed an energy level that he has not seen in his three years at the helm.

“I like the energy,” Albrecht said. “I think the energy has elevated over the last three years. We just have a knowledge of what I want the girls to do.”

Over the summer, Maryville lost four seniors, Felicia Sheil, Abbie Greeley, Maggie Kempf and Bethel Orshiso to graduation. Luckily for the Spoofhounds, a fresh group of girls is eager to take over.

The new class coming in consists of 5-foot-9-inch forward Emily Casava, 5-foot-7-inch shooting guard Morgan Stoecklein and starting for the Spoofhounds is 5-foot-11-inch point guard Serena Sundell.

“Our freshmen class is going to be a good incoming class,” Albrecht said. “We’re going to have three of those girls that will suit up for varsity.”

In the offseason, Sundell played for the Kansas City Feature, a traveling team going to places such as Chicago and Indianapolis. Sundell said she wants to lead the way in her first season donning a varsity jersey.

“I want to be a leader,” Sundell said. “When I’m on the court, I want to take control and run the floor.”

The first competition that the Spoofhounds will face will be with North Andrew and North Platte in jamboree action Nov. 17.

Sundell said the upcoming jamboree will be a good learning experience for the team

“It’s really going to help us for future games,” Sundell said. “It’ll help us see what we need to work on, but I think we’re pretty prepared.”

The jamboree will be in North Andrew and the Spoofhounds will play three quarters against both teams.

With a group of fresh faces and seasoned veterans, Albrecht said the goal for this year is to have more wins than losses.

“We want to constantly strive for improvement,” Albrecht said. “First year, we won eight games, second year, we won seven games; our first goal is to get to that .500 mark and once we get to that mark, I think the sky's the limit.”

The last time the Maryville girls have recorded a winning record in 2011-2012 when they went 12-9. Following a seven win season, Albrecht said the team needs to be more aggressive in games this season.

“There was a handful of games last year where we just got blown off the court and they weren’t very competitive games, one of them being the Jefferson game who we open up with on Tuesday,” Albrecht said. “We want to win the games we ought to win and we also want to surprise a few teams along the way in our quest to get to that .500 mark.”

The Spoofhounds will take to the court to open the regular season against Jefferson in a boys/girls varsity double header Nov. 21 pending the results of the Class 3 football state semifinal game Nov. 18.

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