Maryville volleyball senior Jordyn Suchan (4) listens during a team huddle against Benton Aug. 31 at the Hound Pound. Suchan has recently been in quarantine, along with sophomore teammate Rylee Vierthaler.

Maryville volleyball is sitting at an undefeated record of 6-0 despite missing two key starters who were in quarantine after being in close contact with COVID-19 patients.

The Spoofhounds head into this week with their undefeated record after picking up their first MEC win. Sophomore middle hitter Rylee Vierthaler was the first on the team to be quarantined. She is now back this week ready to compete after missing five games at the beginning of the season. Senior outside hitter Jordyn Suchan is still out due to quarantine this week. 

The girls have been able to keep in contact with each other via FaceTime and other social media platforms. They have also been able to keep up on film and how the team is performing. 

“The girls would FaceTime Rylee and Jordyn while running out onto the court which is special,” Maryville coach Miranda Mizera said. “We have all been able to stay connected, and the girls have been able to watch films and stream the games from home.”

Doing workouts at home and school have been different but it still is a chance to get better, Suchan said. The girls have been preparing for their return to the court while stuck at home. 

“I know they have been getting their touches in at home with the ball,” Mizera said. “Our team has been strong in all aspects of the game this season, and they will fit back in the rotation just fine.”

Since Vierthaler and Suchan were both starters coming into the season, the rest of the team has been forced to learn to adapt and fill those roles. It has been shown throughout the season that there is really not a consistent starting rotation.

“I do not look at it the way everyone is looking at it,” Mizera said. “Our team has so much depth and dedication to be great that no matter who starts I am confident in the ability of these girls.”

With one week left in her quarantine, Suchan has dealt with not being able to go to classes nor practice and games. 

“I am always used to being out and about so this has been pretty boring,” Suchan said. “As it being my senior year I feel like I am missing out on playing with my team, seeing my friends and going to school. 

Maryville High School has allowed for Suchan and Vierthaler to access their class work online, and Mizera has been able to give them training ideas for being at home.  

“I have been getting my touches with a volleyball against the house and have been getting my school work done online,” Suchan said. “I am just trying to stay on top of things so I do not get behind.” 

With Vierthaler heading back to the team this week, and Suchan preparing to be back the following week, the Spoofhounds head into this week with a home matchup against Lafayette at 7 p.m. Sep. 17 at the ’Hound Pound. 

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