Football has undergone a transformation at Northwest with the annual intramural Nerf flag football tournament.

The Northwest Student Recreation Center hosted the Nerf 4v4 flag football tournament April 5.

Nerf flag football is played the same as regular flag football. The goal is to chase the ball carrier and attempt to pull off his or her flag belt. The twist with nerf flag football is that it is played with a miniature Nerf football.

Not only is the ball hard to catch, but precision passing when throwing poses another obstacle. This creates interesting situations for those who play.

Eleven teams total signed up to compete in the tournament, which consisted of 10 men’s teams and one women’s team. The ideal tournament would have an equal number of women’s and men’s teams, but not enough women signed up for that to happen.

Women who did sign up were given the option to add a male to their team if they did not have enough female participants. The original plan was to require one woman per team, but the signup numbers shifted the decision in another direction.

This event was not originally included in “Late Night at the Rec,” but if the reviews are good and those who participate enjoy playing, it could be added for next year.

“Our goal for Late Night (at the Rec) is to keep as many people happy as possible and to keep them coming back,” Brook Byland, graduate assistant for Intramural Sports Tournaments, said. “If this gets good enough feedback, it could be implemented in the future.”

That could very well be the case. Above all, flag football has become a regular for Northwest students. The intramural interest has grown in the sport and usually gets the best turnouts on campus.

“Flag football is one of our biggest leagues,” Byland said. “A lot of people like it. It’s competitive and all of the participants have fun with it.”

Upcoming events with the Student Recreation Center include Sand Volleyball, which is played behind Hudson and Perrin dormitory, and Hungry Hungry Hippos, which was already featured once this academic year at “Late Night at the Rec” in October.

Next year, students get to look forward to events such as ping pong, badminton, racquetball, bubble soccer and disc golf, to name a few. There are up to 15 intramural tournaments for students to participate in for next school year.

“We just want participation. We want people using the rec center and being active,” Jesse Perez, grad assistant for Intramural Sports Tournaments said.

Team signup has already come and gone, but for future participation, students may sign up for next year’s event by creating an account on IMLeagues and signing their team up for the next time it becomes available.

The Student Recreation Center is open to suggestions from students for sports not yet offered at Northwest.

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