MHS Football v Harrisonville

Maryville football junior quarterback Connor Drake led the Spoofhounds' offense in a 42-40 win over Harrisonville Sept. 4 at the 'Hound Pound. The game against the Wildcats was the first start of Drake's career. 

Whether to have or not to have football in the fall, across all levels, was a decision that was left hanging in the balance for months.

High schools across the country saw some districts decide to play, while others were left with nothing to do this fall.

Colleges throughout the country, aside from a few exceptions, saw the entirety of the season fade away.

Those that are left playing argued that it was somehow feasible, and still within the best interest of the student-athletes, to conduct sports this fall.

That, simply put, isn’t among the brightest of ideas.

With college football slowly starting up, the people who stood on the side of having a season are touting the efforts of programs for getting back into the swing of things. Most of the same people advocating for a season took a stand, saying that COVID-19 won’t have an impact on an athlete’s health based on the statistics for individuals in the late teens and early 20s.

Before Power 5 conferences chose to postpone football, it was discovered that Myocarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle — was linked to COVID-19 cases. That, among other things, was one of the main concerns for Division I schools, which initially caused the PAC 12 and BIG 10 elect to play in the spring, if possible.

On Sept. 8, California University of Pennsylvania defensive lineman Jamain Stephens became the first active NCAA player to die after suffering from complications related to COVID-19.

So, now, how many more have to die for people to see that it wasn’t the best of ideas?

Still, people argue that it’s okay for the programs and conferences to take the field this fall.

I see where those people are coming from, truly. As an avid sports fan, there’s nothing better than having sports in our lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest weekly update tallied that the 15-24 age group has 300 total deaths involving COVID-19, which is closer to the bottom of the rankings than it is the top.

But, the same athletes that we’ll watch on television are the same ones that have classes with people that aren’t being provided a scholarship to attend that campus.

Those athletes, of course without intention, could spread it to those people, which creates the cultivation of an outbreak.

It’s something that perhaps doesn’t cause the athletes direct physical impact, but could directly impact people around them.

I think it’s somewhat obvious that it’s ignorant to continue to put lives at risk, an athlete’s or others, for the sake of us being able to enjoy sports throughout the week. And, not even looking at that factor, but people forget an important factor of a team’s success — personnel.

Isolation and quarantine efforts have gone into effect in more places than not. Teams that are perhaps without key players at game time because of being in close contact with a positive coronavirus test can win or lose that team a game.

Maryville football had nine players miss the first two games because of coronavirus-related issues. The Spoofhounds’ outscored their opponents by 27 points throughout the first two contests of the 2019 season. They goto outscored by 41 points throughout the first two contests of the 2020 season.

Maryville football made it through both of those situations 1-1, but the blowout loss in the season opener, coupled with a 2-point win against Harrisonville, hindered the number of district points that the ’Hounds could’ve gotten.

Savannah football, a team accompanying Maryville in the Midland Empire Conference, was forced to cancel its Week 2 and 3 games due to a spike in positive cases throughout the school.

Look, I’m happy if there are sports. Really, I am. I think there’s a misconception of people among the media advocating for no sports. That’s simply not true, there’s for sure not a massive following of it anyways. But, people are completely logical in thinking that there shouldn’t be a season.

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