Tate Oglesby 9-7-19

Maryville's wideout Tate Oglesby finished with three touchdowns in a 56-20 victory over the Harrisonville Wildcats Sept. 6.

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — As Maryville football clashed with MSHSAA Class 4 powerhouse Harrisonville Sept. 6, the scoreboard in the south endzone at Harrisonville Middle School served as an eyesore at the end of the first quarter. It was blank. 

That would be changed only a few minutes into the second quarter when Maryville football came knocking on the door, preparing to give life to not only their previously struggling offense, but to eliminate the blank slate on the eyesore.

After being held to 14 points in Week 1, and a counter-productive first quarter, it looked as if the Spoofhounds would be stumped against the Wildcats. The Maryville faithful that made the trip rejoiced as a break-out run from Maryville’s senior running back Aiden Cullin placed the ‘Hounds in prime scoring position, five yards from the end zone. 

That drive that was capped off by junior running back Trey Houchin, would be the lighter to the fuse of Maryville’s scoring spree, leading to an eventual 56-20 win for the Spoofhounds. 

“(Scoring points) felt amazing,” Houchin said. “It gave us confidence. It gave us our swagger back. … We want to assert our dominance now.”

Soon after the initial score of the evening, senior wideout Tate Oglesby turned into a human highlight reel, attempting to do his fair share of asserting the ‘Hounds’ dominance. 

A 29-yard interception return for a touchdown was the beginning of the night for Oglesby, who finished the game with scores in all three phases of the game. 

“Obviously when you have (Oglesby) playing for us — he’s special,” Maryville coach Matt Webb said. “He made a lot of plays tonight and I’m very proud of him.”

The Wildcats made valiant efforts towards stopping Oglesby, along with Maryville’s rushing attack, but ultimately failed to surmount the hole that they let the Spoofhounds dig for them. 

Oglesby had arguably the most impressive play of the game with a punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. 

“I’ll probably get some crap for just picking it up and returning it,” Oglesby said. “I looked at the sideline and I saw Deon waving me over to the sideline so I followed him over there and I hear people yelling, ‘Get down, get down.’” 

“I look up and there are seven or so Harrisonville players and I’m like, ‘Alright, I’ll try and reverse field here,’ because I know I’m probably not going back in after that’s over,” Oglesby said. “I reversed field and the person that hit me the hardest was Caleb Kreizinger. He hit me and I came to a stop and I looked up and saw a wall of our players and I was like, ‘Alright, I’m going to do what I can do right here.’”

That final touchdown from Oglesby would be the one to put a cap on the scoring spree for the Spoofhounds on the evening, leaving them with a 36-point lead to show for it. 

This first win of the 2019 campaign saved the ‘Hounds’ 14-year-old streak of not starting a season with consecutive losses. But despite keeping that streak alive, the Spoofhounds have their eyes locked forward towards another conference championship. The first step toward that goal’s fruition will come when Maryville travels to Chillicothe to play the Hornets in their MEC opener. 

“We won in a fashion that was more our style,” Webb said. “We played very aggressive defense. We tackled better against some really good backs from Harrisonville. … One game doesn't make a season. If you want to win the MEC, it’s a lot easier to start off 1-0 than 0-1.”

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