Spoofhound Softball wins Stanberry Tournament

Maryville softball has won four of its last five games including a first place finish in the Stanberry Tournament. Chillicothe beat the Spoofhounds 11-3 for their lone loss during the hot streak.

The Maryville softball team won three games in the Stanberry tournament to take home first place. The ‘Hounds were rolling on offense in the tournament, scoring over seven runs in each game.

The teams Maryville matched up against were Northeast Nodaway, North Andrew and Stanberry. The Spoofhounds were able to win the tournament with ease as they won every game by at least seven runs. The team scored thirteen, sixteen and seven runs in the three games. This offensive explosion led the ‘Hounds to victory in Stanberry.

Coach Chandra Demott was pleased with the outcome of the tournament as the team medaled for the first time in recent years.

“In the past we have always kind of fallen just short. We have had a hard time coming up against Stanberry every year,” Demott said. “We usually do well in the tournament, but to finally go get Stanberry was awesome for the girls.”

Demott went on to explain how this was a big win for the team, especially for the older girls who have not had the chance to experience a win like this with the school. The Spoofhounds beat the Bulldogs 7-0 in the final game of the tournament. Sophomore pitcher Ashlyn Alexander echoed Dermott’s views on what the win means moving forward.

“Winning the tournament shows we can be successful and hard work pays off,” Alexander said. “It gives us confidence and more of a drive to win.”

Demott thinks that the team adopting this mentality while at the plate will pay off for them later in the season. The team has experienced a great run the last couple of games, but Demott wants the players to realize that everything is not going to go the team’s way.

Mental toughness is something that Demott has instilled into her players as a way to help when things are not going well. These types of mentalities are what drives the team for success in the future.

“We have really focused on mental toughness throughout the season, and I think we are really starting to see that come together,” Demott said.

This mental toughness that Demott preaches to the team has not gone unnoticed. The team has faced many tough situations, like the bases being loaded with one out in the tournament at Stanberry. Demott said the team was able to get through the inning due to the team’s mentality in the situation.

Mental fortitude is a key trait to have in situations just like this to allow the players to push through the issue. It is easy to see that the Hounds pride themselves on being mentally tough in sticky situations.

The Spoofhounds were able to take the momentum from the tournament and kept running with it all the way to Falls City, Nebraska. The team was able to come away with a 19-0 win against the Falls City Tigers.

Maryville gets the opportunity to right the ship after the 11-3 loss to Chillicothe Sept. 18 when they take on St. Pius X Sept. 20.

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