Maryville Boys Golf

Senior Tayton Stagner lines up the golf ball for a putt last season. The Spoofhounds first boys golf match of the season on March 21 has been postponed.

Maryville boys golf is looking to begin its season with a meet versus Falls City March 21, but it won’t come easy as they have not seen much for course time yet this spring.

Since the start of the spring season, the golf team has found itself inside the Conference Center at Mozingo Lake using the golf bays. Although this helps the Spoofhounds more than any other alternative, they would much rather be outside practicing on their home course.

Maryville is not the only team in the area that has been taking advantage of swing bays. South Harrison has been coming to the newly installed bays at Mozingo, while St. Joseph Country Club also has them installed.

Maryville Senior Peyton Frueh commented on how the team has taken advantage of the golf swing bays at Mozingo.

“We just get a full swing, which is a luxury a lot of teams don’t have,” Frueh said. “We are going to be loose at the beginning of the season when a lot of teams haven’t swung a golf club in months.”

The leading edge swing bays will tell players their swing path, distance, as well as what is wrong with their swing and how to fix it.

Coach Brenda Ricks explained how the Spoofhounds are doing their best to prepare for the season.

“The ones of us that are getting in swing bays, it’s not like outside,” Ricks said. “It’s not like being outside and being on the course, but at least they are getting to swing.”

With the addition of the bays at Mozingo, the ‘Hounds think that this will help contribute to their goal of reaching state as a team. Junior Trent Shell would like to get his whole team to the state tournament and not just a few individuals.

Senior Matthew Madden was an individual that qualified for the state tournament this past season, finishing sixth out of 89 participants in Class 2. After competing in the state tournament last season, Madden thinks the Spoofhounds will be ready to make it as a team this year.

“We got three people (to state),” Madden said. “We went in with the mindset of just kind of have fun. State — that’s a lot of competition up there. After the first day, being in sixth place, I started to get into a more competitive attitude.”

The Spoofhounds are a senior-heavy group this season, as six seniors will be battling to see who will make the top five spots. Without having a qualifying match to see who will be filling those spots, coach Ricks and the players are going into their first meet with the lineup not being set just yet.

Even if some seniors aren’t in the top five, Ricks believes that they are still leaders of the team and will help contribute to how the team competes.

“It’s just been a really weird start to the season,” Ricks said. “They are still leaders, even if they are not in a varsity position; they are still there to lead and get things going out here.”

Looking back at the previous season, the seniors are setting goals for themselves as they near the finish of their Maryville golf careers. Several of the players are looking to get their full team to state, and it all starts with how they play in the regular season.

Senior Tayton Stagner has one goal in mind: consistency.

“For me, it’s really consistency,” Stagner said. “Last year, I played a lot of meets well and a lot of meets not so well, so I’m just looking to make it consistent.”

Senior Austin Drake talked about how the first home meet contributes to the start of their season.

“From talking to other teams, Mozingo is one of the harder courses that they play,” Drake said. “I feel that with us having Mozingo being our home course, that we have the advantage of playing the difficult holes to get us prepared for the challenges that we will face.”

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