Connor Weiss 2-12-2020

Maryville wrestling junior Connor Weiss grapples his opponent against Falls City (NE) Jan. 16 in the Hound Pound. Weiss, due to injury and personal reasons, will miss the rest of the season.

The Maryville boys wrestling team will begin its season down a few wrestlers as the Spoofhounds prepare to compete in the Clarinda Triangular for the first time Dec. 3.

Due to the success of the Maryville’s football team making it to the MSHSAA Class 3 sState cChampionship game, wrestling coach Dallas Barrett will be a few wrestlers short in the upcoming match in Clarinda, Iowa.

“I’m going to be short four or five of my guys since they are going to be playing in the football state championship this Saturday,” Barrett said. “Kort Watkins, Connor Weiss, Andrew Spire and a few other guys are going to be gone.”

Along with those guys missing due to football, Barrett also mentioned that a few other guys will be sitting out due to COVID-19 protocols.

“I have got a couple that have been on quarantine that are going to be short a few practices,” Barrett said. “That may be one or two, but we should be able to fill a couple of the weight classes.”

Although multiple wrestlers will be out due to football and COVID-19, Barrett is ready to take on the new challenge of competing in the Clarinda Triangular for the first time in his tenure.

“This is new for us,” Barrett said. “I like the challenge, and I’m not sure why we haven’t been going to Clarinda before this; it’s close enough. It gives us Clarinda, Griswold and Albany, which Albany we are familiar with, so it will give us two new challenges.”

The Clarinda Triangular match was added this season, along with a few others due to a shortage of matches for the team last season.

“We were short a couple of matches last year,” Barrett said. “So, I know Mathew Beu, the athletic director, was trying to fill us in with a few more matches like a Winnetonka duel coming up next week or the week after, so I know he is trying to get us some more.”

With the prospect of a few more matches being added to the schedule this season, the chances of getting to witness the matches in person becomes challenging as COVID-19 rules begin to restrict spectators.

“We have the two-spectator rule, so two spectators per participant,” Barrett said. “Some people have 15 or 20 family members that like to go, so it kind of limits them.”

Along with the two-spectator rule, other guidelines at the match will be masks for those who are not wrestling and regular social distancing rules.

Although only two spectators are allowed per participant, Barrett and the Spoofhounds are working on setting up a livestream or recording clips to post online for those who are unable to attend the match.

“We are looking at the possibility of trying to do a livestream or record the matches and post them where family members and others can get on and watch them,” Barrett said. “It’s something we just kind of started talking about, so it kind of depends on if the school has Wi-Fi we can get on to livestream it on.”

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