MHS Softball 10/5

Maryville High School junior Abby Swink prepares to tag in the Spoofhounds' 12-0 loss in five innings during their matchup against Savannah Oct. 5 at the ’Hound Pound. The ‘Hounds struggled to find consistency throughout the game, and by the third inning, Savannah scored four more runs to go up 9-0.

The Maryville softball team is hoping to find consistency and lock in, mentally, as defensive mistakes led the Spoofhounds to a 12-0 loss in five innings in their matchup against Savannah Oct. 5 at the ’Hound pound.

The ‘Hounds found themselves down 5-0 by the end of the first inning, as they struggled to find any defensive consistency and struggled to get started offensively.

Maryville coach Chandra DeMott, noticed her team’s difficulty to stay consistent but was proud of how the girls were able to shuffle positions on the fly and play through minor injuries.

“Still struggling a little bit to find our consistency across the board, but they have been flexible, being able to shuffle some positions around,” DeMott said. “Claira dislocated her finger the other night during practice, so her glove was a little off right now, but otherwise the girls looked good tonight.”

The ‘Hounds continued to struggle getting into a groove throughout the game, and by the third inning, Savannah scored four more runs to go up 9-0.

By the middle of the third inning, DeMott decided to switch pitchers and replace freshman Emma Sprague for sophomore Ella Schulte, trying to throw off Savannah’s timing and rhythm.

“We try and give them a different look,” DeMott said. “Try a couple innings with one of them, and then flip to the other to try and throw them off a little bit, along with to see what is working, what isn't and try to mix it up a little bit.”

DeMott was happy with the overall performance from both of her pitchers and believed they did what they needed to do.

Although the ‘Hounds struggled defensively for the rest of the game, Sprague felt her team's defense was looking better than the past and saw signs of improvement.

“I definitely felt like we have done better than the past, we have definitely improved in certain areas, like trying to get our mindset right — definitely felt like tonight looked better,” Sprague said.

Maryville’s offense struggled throughout the game, scoring no runs while tallying one hit with no walks and eight strikeouts.

Sprague figured this game was going to be difficult, offensively, with how well Savannah’s pitcher is but also felt that facing good pitchers is how they improve at the plate.

“I'm feeling pretty good about our offense. The Savannah pitcher has always been good as long as I can remember,” Sprague said. “I knew that, at least for me, it was going to be a struggle with her; she’s an all around good pitcher … I think going against pitchers like her is also good for our offense.”

DeMott plans on utilizing the last few games of the season to help prepare her players for their first-round matchup against conference foe Chillicothe — the No. 1 team in the Spoofhounds’ district.

“We are sitting in a pretty good spot; the girls are looking consistent and hoping to clean up defensively in the tournament on Saturday, be ready to roll into the game with Dekalb and get things set before we go face off against No. 1-seeded Chillocthe in districts,” DeMott said.

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