Serena Sundell

Maryville High School sophomore Serena Sundell drives towards the paint against Lathrop Jan. 29 in Maryville's 52-33 win. 

It was senior night Jan. 29 for the Maryville girls basketball team as emotions filled the gym on a big night for the two seniors.

Emma Baldwin and Kamryn Gastler were not playing in their last home game, but they were recognized for their dedication to their team for four years of high school basketball. The seniors helped Maryville to a 52-33 win over Lathrop.

Both seniors experienced a tough first season until coach Quentin Albrecht came and took over as head coach for the Spoofhounds at the end of their freshman year. They are now going to have a winning season for their senior year, which was their ultimate goal.

“Us three (Albrecht, Baldwin and Gastler) have been here the entire time, trying to build the program,” Gastler said. “(Albrecht) is really positive and really encouraging, and I couldn’t ask for a better coaching staff.”

Both seniors are pleased to be able to have coach Albrecht be able to have developed them into the basketball player they are today.

“If you have that bond with coach, then you’re going to be good,” Baldwin said. “I feel totally confident with what he is going to do and what he is capable of, and it’s great to be under him.”

The pomp and circumstance that surrounds senior night can serve as an unintentional distraction for both teams. During senior night, there were many people being recognized. Albrecht is very pleased to have worked with the two seniors and develop them and the other girls into one solid basketball team.

“It is a welcome distraction,” Albrecht said. “All of those kids that were honored, whether that be basketball girls on senior night, or spectrum, or speech and debate, they all deserve their moment in the sun, and they all got it.”

Lathrop came into the game with an 8-6 record while the Spoofhounds sat at 12-6 on the year, looking to stay undefeated at home. The Mules were able to put points on the board first, but it did not take long for Maryville to go on a 9-0 run to make it an 11-5 lead for the Spoofhounds.

Maryville’s leading scorer, sophomore guard Serena Sundell, was shut down by the Mules’ defense until late in the first quarter when she made her first attempt from behind the arc.

Sundell was held to seven points during the first half. The Spoofhounds went on a 6-0 run before Brooke Huitt, a senior guard, ended the run with a three toward half time, giving Maryville a 24-15 lead at the break.

Opening up the second half, Maryville stormed out of the locker room, going on another 9-0 run, pushing its lead to 33-17.

During the second half, Maryville began to pull away from the Mules and end with a final score of 52-33. Although the Spoofhounds got off to a slow start, they took halftime to find their rhythm again and were able to cut back on turnovers and focus on earning the victory.

The Spoofhounds were led by Sundell’s 23 points followed by Emily Cassavaugh with 14 points. Albrecht was very impressed with the way that Emily stepped up in tonight’s game with bringing the energy that the team needed coming into the second half.

“I thought that we recovered at halftime,” Albrecht said. “I think that when girls like Emily Cassavaugh step up and Emma Baldwin step up and start hitting some shots … the other team has to look over their shoulder a little bit, and I think that loosened up their defense.”

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