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Northwest golf junior Spencer Roach caddied for profession golfer Michael Arnaud Aug. 6 on the Korn Ferry Tour. Roach came about the opportunity due to people missing the tournament with COVID-19 related concerns.

Over the summer, Northwest golf junior Spencer Roach had the chance of a lifetime to caddie for professional golfer Michael Arnaud on the Korn Ferry Tour Aug. 6.

The Korn Ferry Tour is a professional golf tour in which most PGA golfers compete before entering the PGA Tour. The best of the Korn Ferry Tour actually make it to the PGA Tour.

Roach came about the opportunity to caddie because her mom volunteers in player relations, and some of the golfers need caddies due to injuries or COVID-19. So, they asked local people to volunteer to caddie for the pro tour event.

“I just like being able to watch what the pros do,” Roach said. “I learned how they count yardages. We can use rangefinders in college, but the pros can’t while on tour.”

While at Northwest, Roach has had the chance to participate in numerous events throughout the Midwest and the MIAA. She has excelled as a teammate in the program.

“She came in on a fairly small scholarship, but she has been a tremendous asset to our program,” Northwest golf coach and Director of Athletics Andy Peterson said. “She has been a tremendous team player; she gives us some stability that every team needs.”

Roach is always there to provide the support and leadership that her team needs. She is quick to cheer on her teammates even after a bad round.

“She is just a team player. Her golf comes and goes just like everybody. She may not have the best round, but she will make sure she is cheering the team on when she can,” Peterson said. “She comes from a great background, great family, but her leadership is one of the ways she excels above and beyond.”

Roach is a true competitor. She is not scared to show how passionate she is about the game of golf. She always takes it upon herself to do the best that she can in every aspect of her golf game.

“She is solid and very even keeled, but she is a perfectionist. She gets wrapped up in her score, but she is pretty steady,” Peterson said, “You would know what kind of round she had, good or bad, if you went up to her. She scrambles very well. She may not be the best at the long game, but she works hard at it.”

It means a lot to her. Caddying for Arnaud provided a unique experience for Roach and one she will never forget. She got to learn new things and see how the pros play. She witnessed firsthand what it takes to play golf at an elite level.

“My favorite thing about golf is it is an individual sport. It is a peaceful sport, where it is just you and the course,” Roach said. “But my favorite thing about Bearcat golf is how we all like each other and how much we get along.”

Bearcat golf, Roach said, is like a family to her. She loves being around the girls on the team.

Roach said she learned a lot from Arnaud and is hopeful she’ll take what she learned from him and put it to use on the golf course.

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