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Maryville girls soccer fell to St. Pius X, 2-1, April 23 due to an extra time goal. The Spoofhounds will travel to St. Joseph to take on Benton April 25. 

After a late-game goal stunned the Spoofhounds, Maryville girls soccer plans to quickly regroup heading into the latter part of the Midland Empire Conference season.

As many high schools have their enemies, nemeses and arch rivals, Maryville (7-6) is no different. The Spoofhounds and Warriors have battled on multiple sports surfaces for some time. The most recent chapter of the saga came April 23 at St. Pius X.

After pre-game rituals concluded and both teams took their positions to start the match, the stage was set for first touch.

Through the first 20 minutes, both teams took turns trading possessions and sending the ball to one another’s side of the field. Junior forward Morgan Pettlon broke the stalemate by scoring a goal from inside the goalie box to give the ‘Hounds the 1-0 advantage.

Strong defensive play through the final 20 minutes of the first half helped Maryville carry the one-goal edge into the locker room.

As the second half whistle sounded, the initial performance reflected that of the first half. Neither team could seem to distance itself from the opposition.

Midway through the final half, Pius evened the score at one as the Warriors found the back of the net from 20 feet away. The gridlock would be carried until the end of regulation and extra time was awarded. Pius scored during extra time to take the lead and end the contest, winning 2-1.

Although there are a few plaguing injuries that have been deemed detrimental to the ‘Hounds, coach Dale Reuter doesn’t want that to be the focus and feels his team is ready for the next challenge.

“I feel we are where we need to be at this time,” Reuter said. “Injuries have plagued us a bit, but I think we will get through it and come out stronger.”

With these injuries, Reuter has had to dig deeper into his bench to be successful on the playing field.

“We are preparing for the rest of our season by fixing our faults and enhancing what we do best,” Reuter said. “We are also going to play a lot of different girls and make our bench deeper due to the nagging injuries we have experienced.”

As a sixth-year head coach, Reuter has seen many different ways that a team can be successful. But he feels this year’s roster is something far different than what has been seen in the past.

“While I think each team is special in their own way, I like the balance of this team the best,” Reuter said. “I feel that in each level of the game, whether it be attacking or defending, we have fantastic balance.”

Not everyone gets the opportunity to call themself a Spoofhound, Reuter said. The soccer coach wants to make sure his team knows they are something special.

“We are more than just a team,” Reuter said. “We are a group of young people who are willing to work hard for something and not just themselves. We work hard for the people and community we call home. We take pride in who we are and where we come from. Respect all, fear none.”

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