Girls basketball

Maryville girls basketball held its own as they took on competition this past week at the Savannah Invitational tournament.

The Spoofhounds (1-3) found themselves in the third place game against Chillicothe Dec. 2. Maryville fell behind the eight ball early and weren’t able to recover.

Foul trouble for the Spoofhounds led to the Hornets (2-2) outlasting a second half surge from Maryville for a 54-43 final score. Coach Quentin Albrecht explained the tournament left a little more to be desired.

“Well we walked out of that game, I think, a little disappointed,” Albrecht said. “I think we all thought we could win it. We got off to a little bit of a slow start, both offensively and defensively, but all and all I thought our presence in the tournament was a good one. Though the results were not necessarily what we were looking for.”

Freshman Serena Sundell found herself on the all-tournament team thanks to her impressive offensive showings in all three games. Sundell scored 22 points in the first game of the tournament and 24 in the second, showcasing her abilities. Sundell said when the ball is in her hands her mindset is to make the best decision.

“I’m trying to be aggressive but I want to see my teammates and get a good shot,” Sundell said. “I don’t want to force it every time. I want to be aggressive so if it’s there, I’m going to take it.”

The aggressiveness has payed off for Sundell so far. Maryville has some valuable time off before taking to the hardwood again. Albrecht said the time off will prove to help the Spoofhounds in the long run.

“I think it is beneficial coming off of a tournament,” Albrecht said. “We went through a process where we had three games in four days. Thats kind of a tough road to hoe. Now we get two or three days to get our legs back and now we can look and evaluate and see what we need to work on.”

During the break Albrecht was able to give the girls a day off to support the future of the program before getting back to the grind. Sundell explained practice time was used to fix the flaws that were exposed against Staley and Chillicothe.

“We worked on screens and how to cover them because that was a little rough in the tournament,” Sundell said. “I think we’re better than that. Offensively, transitioning and getting a good shot, not forcing it everytime. “

The Spoofhounds are set to host Plattsburg Dec. 11 with Mid-Buchanan coming to town Dec. 12.

Albrecht took the opportunity where the schedule is free for eight days to fix some chinks in the armor. He said the main focus going forward is to get healthy.

“What we concentrated on was kind of rejuvenating our legs,” Albrecht said. “We had some girls who were a little fatigued. Going forward, first thing we’re trying to do is correct some of the problems that we have.”

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