Nodaway County Rugby Team works on a scrum at practice March 6.

Northwest rugby has laid dormant for too long and students are taking the initiative to teach others the sport they love.

The on-campus rugby club started this past January as an informational club that teaches those who attend about the rules of rugby, and gives those who express interest a platform. The club works with the local Nodaway County Rugby Club to ensure proper education on the rules and to create a gateway between the two for those who would like to take a shot at playing.

“The goal of the club is to promote the sport of rugby,” Vice President of Northwest Rugby Club Derek Method said.

The Rugby Club only has one female member but wants more women to join. The University was not shy in helping the club grow by letting it have a sign-up table

during the Student Organization Fair at Bearcat Arena this past February.

“This really helped us grow and nearly doubled our members alone,”

President of the Campus Rugby Club Shane Miller said.

Rugby is not just growing in Maryville, it is becoming more and

more popular for people all around, as U.S. rugby is being offered

to youth and high school students nationwide as an alternative to sports

already offered.

“We’re just trying to get the word out to those that are interested,” Method said. “It really is an enjoyable game”.

Both President and Vice President of Northwest Rugby Club, Miller and Method play for the Official Nodaway County Rugby Club and are qualified

for their on-campus positions. Method plays inside and outside backer,

while Miller’s position was not specified.

The Nodaway County Rugby Club games are on Saturdays except during a tournament. During tournaments, games take place both Saturday and Sunday. The team plays at various fields, with most of its games on the road. Games

are played in Wayne, Nebraska; Springfield, Missouri and Des

Moines, Iowa. The team practices Tuesdays and Thursdays at Maryville High

School’s football field.

The Nodaway County Rugby Club has almost 30 members to date, and is

looking to grow even more as the months go on. The on-campus club has only seven

members, but is working on expanding.

“We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at my apartment since we only have seven members, but with expansion we will probably move to somewhere on campus,” Miller said.

Miller and Method, with help are on a mission to bring more fans to the sport of which they love here at Northwest and want to help teach those that are interested. Their goal is to have enough people to join the club so that the university may consider having an official team one day for both men and women.

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