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Preseason expectations are still surviving for the Maryville golf team, as a second place Class 1 District 9 finish pushes it to the next level in the postseason.

As the day began at the St. Joseph Country Club Oct. 1, the common theme that affected play was the brutal conditions. The previous day’s rain plagued St. Joseph and made the already difficult course nearly impossible to navigate. It took nearly six hours to complete the trivial course and the scores showcased that.

At the end of the day the Spoofhounds stood in a spot that allowed them to survive, with a second place finish and a total score of 428, 19 points behind Stanberry for first. Though the goal was first place, the district showing didn’t conclude without some key highlights for Maryville. Senior Laurelle Wickersham claimed second place individually (89) andnd junior Emily Long tied for third (93).

“I wanted to win first, but I’m kind of glad that we lost,” coach Brenda Ricks said. “This way we will head to the next round more serious then we were this week.”

A course like the St. Joseph Country Club, even in the most beautiful weather, can be a task too large for the average golfer. Adding rain to thick rough and wind to 150 yard water hazards generates a professional-level atmosphere, which will affect any high schooler’s game. But there is no time to focus on what went wrong as the Spoofhounds head off to the next level.

“I’m excited, because I didn’t think I was going to do very good yesterday, but I ended up doing better than I thought I would,” Wickersham said. “I’m not really stressed now, but I’m sure I will be stressed when I get there, but once we start I’ll be fine.”

The Spoofhounds are ready for their next test at Moila Country Club, a short and narrow course, opposite of the St. Joseph Country Club. The game is to play the ball straight with trees lining either side of the fairway. Maryville knows Moila and knows its secrets as they have been successful there before, with a third place finish in the Central High School Tournament.

Experience is all it takes to tell if the Spoofhounds will advance to their dream scenario of playing as a team on their home course.

“We’ve had success at Moila earlier in the season,” Ricks said. “We went down there for the Central Tournament and got third and that was with Kansas City schools, so they did well there before and I believe they can do it again.”

As the tournaments continue on, the distance between Maryville and their home course advantage decreases, but this challenge will be harder than anything they have faced this season.

“I just so want us to be a team here on our home course,” Ricks said. “That would just be the ultimate. I think they can do it, when we look at the other scores.”

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