Maryville softball seeing winning season

Junior Riley Gray and sophomore Ashlyn Alexander exchange high fives as they head to the outfield. With a 12-8 record, this is the Spoofhound’s first winning season under coach Chandra Demott

Maryville softball is coming off of a 14-3 loss against Lafayette on Oct. 1, marking the team’s second loss in the last two games. The Hounds are preparing to turn things around as the postseason approaches.

The Spoofhounds (12-7) and Lafayette (11-5) are two evenly ranked opponents in terms of record, even though the Fighting Irish were able to get the better of the ‘Hounds.

With the season nearing its end, the ‘Hounds have their eyes set on the postseason.

With districts approaching rapidly, the Spoofhounds are in somewhat unfamiliar territory compared to past seasons. This is the first winning season for the Spoofhounds under coach Chandra Demott. With the postseason in sight, the team is prepared to prove that it belongs.

“As a freshman, the name of the game was to change the culture of the softball program,” senior Jacklyn Hersh said.“I feel like this team has done that, and that is a great feeling being a senior.”

The Spoofhounds have made some major strides this season compared to seasons past. The senior class has stepped into a prominent leadership role and set the example for juniors and underclassmen.

The feeling around the team looks to be the same, with the program starting to trend upward. Demott has built a program that all the girls bought into, which has played a key role for the team this season. The seniors have helped Demott build the program over the last four years.

“The seniors are excited to finally see the team have this success,” junior Riley Gray said.. “The seniors have helped coach grow the program into what it is today.“

The team has formed great chemistry throughout the season, a large part in thanks to the group of seniors on the roster It is easy to see the role they play and example being set for the younger players to carry on.

Demott has raved about the important impact this senior group has had on the team throughout the season. The Spoofhounds have their eyes set on districts as the season approaches an end.

“We have enjoyed much success this season,” Demott said.. “Now we need to focus in on these last couple games and prepare for districts.”

The Spoofhounds are focusing in on the postseason where they aim to prove

“We would like to improve and get past the first round of districts and hopefully make it to the championships,” Gray said.

The Spoofhounds set some very clear goals on what they would like to do this postseason. For the most part, the team wishes to improve upon past years and make it through the first round of districts.

Some players even set loftier goals, aspiring to win a championship.

The Spoofhounds are set to change the image of the program in the playoffs. The ‘Hounds have made some major improvements this season, which they hope continues into districts.

Maryville will take on the Savannah Savages Oct. 2 at the Savannah Sports Complex.

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