A near 30-game losing streak and five wins combined in the 2013-2015 seasons made for a serious problem in the Maryville Girls basketball program.

"You could see it on film," coach Quentin Albrecht said. "It stood out and it bled over to what was on the court."

It wasn't going to be fast, but in Albrecht's third season under the helm, the Spoofhounds (7-9) have the most important feeling in a rebuilding program: hope.

In his first season, the Spoofhounds went from a one-win team to forget, to an eight-win squad with a feeling of redemption.

"Ultimately our goal is to go to .500," Albrecht said. "That's where you have to get before you can be taken seriously. The biggest thing that we've done to this point in time is building some really good relationships."

While the Spoofhounds only accumulated seven wins in the 2017 campaign, Maryville has already matched that win total. With a minimum of nine games on the schedule, the future is bright.

"We're learning," Albrecht said. "There's only two of those games where the game wasn't decided in the fourth quarter. We're hoping that pays off for us in the end."

As the years have started to pile up under the Albrecht reign, relationships have been at the center of it all. A locker room that needed major renovations quickly transitioned into a place of compassion and team comradery.

Forward Amerlea Auffert has seen the relationship overhaul transformation with her very eyes, being a role model athlete throughout her four-year tenure.

"It's awesome," Auffert said. "It's a lot different, and I think that each year we have built better relationships, making it a lot easier to play together. We have fun in practice, but we get our job done."

One motivational line that Auffert said coach Albrecht preaches every day, is a famous motivational phrase from one of the greatest hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky.

"He definitely has a lot of sayings and is very motivated," Auffert said. "He (Albrecht) always says 'you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't make.'"

One way the Spoofhounds have built the team chemistry they have today is doing activities outside of the Maryville High School gym.

One of those activities include a team trip to Bearcat Arena to witness Northwest men's and women's basketball team.

"I think it's really important they get out and do things together, so they learn more about each other as people, rather than players," Albrecht said.

There's no denying that Maryville possesses one of the youngest rising high school stars in the Northwest Missouri area. Though Serena Sundell has carried weight in the points column, the desire for success and tighter bond within the team has proved to be valued much more.

"Sarena's going to get a lot of headlines and she deserves them," Albrecht said. "I think because of the relationships we have, and also the older girls just want to win taste success, that overcomes the publicity she's been getting."

A 38-23 win over Cameron, places the Spoofhounds in the second round of the Cameron Invitational Tournament versus Chillicothe. 

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