Moody Sept 20

Former Northwest women's basketball player Janet Moody stands in front of her banner for the St. Joseph Area Sports Hall of Fame at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center. Moody was part of a 12-member 2022 class.

Janet (Clark) Moody played for Northwest women’s basketball from 1986-89, and, during her three years in Maryville, she totaled 2,121 career points — the most in program history and the only woman to score 2,000 points at Northwest — and finished with a career 3-point percentage of 40.1 — also a program record.

Before she was a Bearcat, though, she was a part of the Fighting Irish for Lafayette High School in St. Joseph. There, she earned All-City, All-Conference, All-District and All-State honors three times each. All of her accomplishments helped her to be selected for the St. Joseph Area Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

“I don’t think you think about that. You just don’t really think about ever being in the hall of fame,” Moody said.

While she may have never thought about it growing up, Moody has had her fair share of experience being inducted in halls of fame. She was inducted into the MIAA Hall of Fame with the 2013 class, and she was in the 1996 class for Northwest’s M-Club Hall of Fame.

Even with her two other inductions, Moody said this one was the best. She said each time was amazing, but this one just seemed to have more meaning.

“This one just seemed like it was very special to me,” Moody said. “My whole family, my brothers and sisters were there also with my kids, were there, and, so, this one’s a little different from the rest of them.”

While at the ceremony Sept. 18, Moody said she was able to reconnect with people throughout the St. Joseph area she had not seen in a long time. During the ceremony, she said her basketball coach at Lafayette wasn’t able to attend, but he prepared a video about his time coaching her. John Coffey, station manager of KXCV-KRNW, had a segment talking about her career. Her brother, Jon Clark, who played for Northwest men’s basketball from 1985-88, reflected on their time growing up together.

Moody said her family was always into basketball. Her dad, Mel Clark, was the Lafayette boys’ basketball coach from 1968-86 and helped the team to the school’s only state championship in 1976. She said all she and her brother did was play basketball when they were growing up.

It seems as though Moody has carried that basketball life to her own kids. Her daughter, Ella Moody, is a freshman guard for the Bearcats and is the newest player on the roster. While she may have followed in her mom’s footsteps, Ella Moody said her mom didn’t want to coach her or the rest of her siblings.

“She wanted us — me and my sister — to get other people’s opinions and learn the game from other people,” Ella Moody said.

Ella Moody said her mother did, of course, give pointers after every game.

Janet Moody said her kids were too young at the time to remember her MIAA Hall of Fame induction, so it was nice that they were able to see this one. Ella Moody said it was wonderful to be there for her.

“It was so surreal … I know she was very honored, and she felt very blessed to have her family there supporting her,” Ella Moody said.

“It’s a great honor, because there've been so many great athletes that have come through St. Joe,” Janet Moody said. “You have NFL players, you have Olympians, and then they happen to pick me because of my basketball accomplishments.”

Ella Moody may have a long way to go before even considering matching her mother’s records, but she’s not too far from the beginning of her career as a Bearcat. Northwest will start its regular season Nov. 11 against Southwest Minnesota State.

Janet Moody said she teases her by saying she shoots better than her, but that her daughter is probably better in everything else. Regardless of how much truth there is to that, Janet Moody said she intends to be at every game she can.

“She’s great, I mean, she is a good player,” Janet Moody said. “It made it special that she picked Northwest because it’s a family atmosphere with the basketball teams, and it was her best choice, and it was a great choice.”

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