Andrew Sherry

From fiery graphics to top notch film, one man stands behind the cameras providing all the glitz and glamour of Bearcat Sports. 

When the excitement dies down and all the lights shut off, graduate assistant Andrew Sherry is there to provide Bearcat Nation with every moment to relive through his videography and graphic design talents.

Sherry started his transition into the videography business, before he even knew he wanted to be in it.

"My senior year of high school for video, I just knew I wanted something to have a DVD of my senior season," Sherry said. "I knew no one else was going to produce it".

He took it upon himself to get film from the coach and had his computer teacher help him produce the highlight reel.

Though Sherry showed signs of interest into film work, it never seemed like a calling to him until later on in his undergraduate.

"My junior year of college, I bought a GoPro. I started making videos with my friends, and just kind of had fun with it," Sherry said. "I bought a drone right out of undergrad in May (2015)."

Before long, Sherry caught the eye of Matt Jasinski. Jasinski creates hype videos for the Northwest Missouri football team.

Jasinski invited Sherry to join him on the sideline the following football season. Though he didn't get to use his drone, he began to learn the equipment.

"Getting to learn the cameras he had on the sideline and doing different things really got me into it," Sherry said.

Upon earning his Bachelor of Science in geographic information science (GIS) in 2015, Sherry began to seek options for his future.

He never found anything attractive within GIS, and Jasinski could not hire him on full time. Joe and Kelly Quinlin suggested he should reach out to the Northwest Department of Athletics.

Director of Athletics Mel Tjeerdsma gave him the opportunity to join the athletic department as a graduate assistant.

Sherry obtained his master's in applied health and sport science while producing multimedia content for athletics as a graduate assistant.

In specific, his content mainly included video for Northwest men's basketball and football. He also dove into making graphics.

"All of my schooling didn't have to do with anything I do now," Sherry said. "To an extent, it kept me around athletics. It kept me around technology. In the end, it kind of did help me to where I was today."

Sherry now works for the department independently with his start-up, Northwest Creative Media.

His product essentially includes the same thing, working directly with men's basketball. He enjoys the sport more, dating back to his childhood.

"I enjoy basketball more," Sherry said. "Growing up, I played basketball more than I played football. For me, it's a faster pace game."

Former Northwest forward D'Vante Mosby joined the crew this semester. Mosby worked as a freelance photographer prior to transferring to Northwest from William Jewell.

Mosby became interested in Sherry's work during his basketball career at Northwest. Mosby remembers watching Sherry work on his content during road trip bus rides.

"It's always fun on the bus after a game just to sit behind him and pick his brain and watch all the angles that he shoots," Mosby said.

He added Sherry's work was a huge part of honoring the team's NCAA Division II National Championship in 2017. Sherry produced a video recapping the championship run in the spring.

Whether it be his multimedia content or overall presence, Mosby adding Sherry fits right into the men's basketball culture.

"When you can fit extra pieces into the culture, whether that be Nick Peters on the training staff to Andy Peterson, and then the videographer who not only does a great job but also fuses into the culture, that's awesome," Mosby said.

Since joining Sherry, Mosby has spent time filming anything Sherry is not on the sideline at Northwest.

Mosby has learned plenty from Sherry in the process of filming at Northwest games. Away from production, Mosby sees Sherry as a life mentor.

"Some things that I'll take from Sherry are, like, his willingness to take a chance on himself," Mosby said. "That's something I can take into whatever I'm doing."

Being from Maryville, Sherry mentioned his greatest memories come from the three national championships he has had the opportunity to film (2015 and 2016 football, 2017 men's basketball).

He also added his localness gives him a greater idea of the culture which exists at Northwest.

"It helps me through the extent from when I make things, I understand the history," Sherry said. "I know past players, I know past successes that Bearcats Sports has had. It makes it even more special."

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