Maryville Soccer

Junior Morgan Pettlon (left) and freshman Cleo Johnson (right) celebrate an impressive play against Abraham Lincoln April 1.

As the 2019 season reaches the midway point, Maryville girls soccer gets prepares to take on the Midland Empire Conference slate at full strength and with high hopes.

Something that the Spoofhounds (6-4) have looked forward to much of the season is the North Kansas City soccer tournament located at Staley High School April 18. The ‘Hounds will take on the much larger Smithville Warriors.

“Our expectations for ourselves throughout the year have been set very high and for good reason,” junior midfielder Morgan Pettlon said. “We have been playing lots of games against higher levels of competition and the North K.C. Tournament is no different.”

With 14 upperclassmen on the varsity roster, Reuter has made it clear that senior leadership is going to be vital when coming down the stretch of the 2019 soccer season and have given them the reigns to lead this team.

Pettlon has noted what she wants to accomplish with the rest of her junior soccer season.

“Our goals and expectations that were set at the beginning of the year are achievable as long as we work together,” Pettlon said. “If we play ‘Hounds soccer like we know how, we are going to be a force within the Midland Empire Conference.”

Maryville opens up conference play on the road to face the inevitable, St. Pius X. The Warriors have ended the Spoofhounds’ season each of the last three seasons before being inaugurated into the MEC at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. Pius is 9-2 coming into the matchup with Maryville April 23.

A leg-up that Maryville has over Pius, Pettlon said, is team chemistry.

“We are really working well together and have a lot of chemistry on and off the field,” Pettlon said. “We have lots of versatile players and have grown much closer as a team.”

While the Warriors have been the roadblock that has been between the ‘Hounds and a successful postseason run in recent years, expectations are still at an all-time high.

“I’ll be honest, we have won districts four years in a row and I don’t think the girls would be happy if we don’t, at least show up that way,” coach Dale Reuter said. “These girls are humble in the fact that they aren’t acting cocky and are going to come out to the practice field every day and work hard to get to where we need to be.”

It’s no secret that Reuter is at the helm of both the boys and girls soccer teams. Reuter explained the biggest difference between the two: boys whine more.

“The biggest difference, to me, is girls have to be more technically sound,” Reuter said. “Without the incorporation of raw strength to overcome some deficiencies, girls have to rely on their teammates and pure skill more. This is why I started with and absolutely love coaching girls soccer.”

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