Northwest Adidas Deal

Northwest Athletics resigned a deal with Adidas to make the brand the official outfitter for the Bearcats through the 2026 school year. Nike and Under Armour placed bids as well, but Northwest Director of Athletics Andy Peterson said the discounts from Adidas were too great to pass up.

Adidas has been outfitting Northwest Athletics for most of the last decade.

Northwest Athletics announced Aug. 31 it extended its partnership with Adidas through the 2026 school year.

"Partnering with the Adidas brand allows Northwest to continue its commitment to excellence and provide a stellar student-athlete experience,” Northwest Director of Athletics Andy Peterson said in a press release. “Mike, Billy and Mikey from MB2 Sports have been and will continue to be tremendous partners for our coaches, staff and student-athletes."

Peterson said the decision to renew with Adidas was one that has been in the works from the beginning. It’s something that the other companies could not give us.

“Going through a bid process, Adidas answered the bid way back when we first partnered with them,” Peterson said. “Adidas had the right bid; they had the discounts on all the gear that we needed.”

Along with the apparel deal, Peterson said he was more than happy to continue business with the crew at MB2 Sports, a company out of Kansas City, Missouri, that serves as an intermediary between the two parties.

There were other top-name companies that also placed a bid for the deal with Northwest. None of them compared to the deal that Adidas offered to remain the official outfitter of the Bearcats.

“Both Nike and Under Armour have also placed bids,” Peterson said. “But with the discounts and amenities that Adidas offered, it was easy to renew the contract and not just cut ties with Adidas.”

Peterson said companies all strive to be the official athletic wear of the Bearcats because of all the success that has accompanied sports programs on campus.

The deal, Peterson said, isn't necessarily one that has a set dollar amount, such as Division I schools have in place with major brands.

"It's more of discounts and comp dollars," Peterson said. "The partnership works more like a 'We help you and you help us' relationship."

As can be seen in the Bearcat Bookstore, different brands such as Nike and Under Armour have merchandise all throughout campus. This has nothing to do with Northwest Athletics as Barnes and Noble supplies the store.

Peterson said that the bookstore is talking to Barnes and Noble to receive more Adidas apparel in an attempt to show the three-striped brand how much Northwest Athletics values the relationship.

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