Maryville wrestling sophomore Drew Spire attempts to get up after a scramble out of bounds. The Spoofhounds dropped both matches in a tri-duel against Sabetha and Falls City Jan. 16. 

When taking the mats for the second time in front of the home crowd in the 2019-20 season, Maryville wrestling was looking to pick up wins in its Jan. 16 tri-dual against Sabetha and Falls City.

To begin the duel against the Bluejays from Sabetha, the ’Hounds got off to a rough start. Due to a vast amount of open weight classes, Maryville found itself forfeiting those matches to the Jays, leaving a deficit for Maryville of 24-6.

The 6 points came from Kade Wilmes. The Jays returned a few points to the Spoofhounds, letting an open weight class secure Wilmes, the junior, a win.

The deficit, Maryville coach Dallas Barrett said, was due to the fact of the absence of numerous wrestlers.

“I mean, you have nights like tonight where you’ve got five different kids out,” Barrett said. “It’s like your chances of winning your duel is next-to-none.”

A comeback started to take place after the sure win from Wilmes. It was set up by sophomore Drew Spire, who wrestled the first real match of the night for Maryville five matches into the duel. For Spire, who found himself ahead by seven points at the end of the first period, went on to be victorious by pin in the second.

The comeback was starting to be mounted — until it wasn’t.

Junior Connor Weiss, a previous state-qualifier, wasn’t able to get it done in his match. Weiss led early in the first, but found himself fighting on his stomach for nearly all of the second round. Despite surviving the second, Weiss was eventually pinned in the third.

Along with Weiss heading back to the bench, went the hopes of a Maryville win over Sabetha. And with both of those, went the expectations that Weiss had of himself.

“Well, what I expected of myself is already gone,” Weiss said. “I was trying to get under three losses, but that’s gone, so.”

Maryville forfeited 36 points in a duel it lost by 21. Mathematically, a win was impossible for the Spoofhounds, leaving Maryville with a 45-24 loss to Sabetha.

On the heels of the loss to the Jays, the ’Hounds faced Falls City. For Maryville, it was much of the same story as the first dual, resulting in forfeiting numerous matches.

The deficit, for Maryville, wasn’t as large as it was against Sabetha. Falls City took a 6-point advantage, one that dissipated when Wilmes picked up his second win of the night. Actually wrestling in the second duel, he contributed 6 points via a pin.

Weiss, trying to avenge his earlier loss, failed to find a win. The Maryville comeback, one that seemed more realistic than the first, resulted in the same. The loss from Weiss, paired with other things, left the Spoofhounds with a 36-30 loss to the Tigers.

The matches for Weiss, Barrett said, were rather uncharacteristic. It is, in part, due to losing what type of wrestler he is, Barrett said.

“He just needs to remember who he is,” Barrett said. “He knows what to do. He’s just gotta get over his frustration and remember who he is.”

The losses, collectively, leave Maryville with zero wins and four losses in head-to-head duels. The pieces, Weiss said, are in place. With that, comes room for improvement, Weiss added.

“I mean, there’s definitely room for improvement,” Weiss said. “We’ve learned our mistakes already and we can build on those, and work together as a team to make it happen.”

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