Maryville Track and Field

Maryville track and field is relying on senior leadership early in the 2019 season.

As the Maryville track and field team slowly becomes more accustomed to consistently good weather and a set group of dedicated athletes, its overall outlook on the season is growing in a positive direction.

A change in practice location has had an upward effect on the team’s outcomes as the Spoofounds placed first in the girls long jump, high jump and pole vault as well as the boys high jump and pole vault at the Maryville Time Trials March 20.

This meet’s success also came with several top-10 finishes in various other field events as a result of the Spoofhounds recent outdoor practices.

“It’s definitely a huge advantage because we can’t really throw metal shot puts inside, so when we’re inside for practice we’re doing more workouts and abs,” senior thrower Vanessa Klotz said.

With the weather finally allowing the team to practice outside on the actual track and field surface, the team looks to turn to dependable athletes like sophomore Garrett Dumke, junior Laura Feuerbacher and senior Will Mattock for progressive practices and a successful season in both individual and team events.

Regarding athletes who are not only consistent both during practices and meets, the team has a strong foundation of older athletes in a variety of events who are starting to take newer and younger athletes under their guidance.

“I know that we have a really strong long distance team,” junior Molly Renshaw said. “They always do really well. Will Mattock is good, so is (Laura) Feuerbacher, Braiden Sells and Jason Bagley.”

While many underclassmen are still learning the ropes to perfect their motions and become successful in their events, some are not only participating at the varsity level from week-to-week, but they are actually becoming key players in the team’s prosperity.

“Brooklyn Holtman, we are ready for her,” Renshaw said. “She’s a freshman, and she does sprints, 100-meter, 200-meter, and she’s so good.”

As younger athletes like Holtman, Dumke and freshman Sloane McAdams grow into their roles as expected varsity starters both now and for many years to come, their more reputable teammates like Mattock and Jordan Piveral, amongst other upperclassmen, are still seen as leaders and expected to push the team in the right direction.

The Maryville times trials March 20 showed just how developed and experienced the Spoofhounds are with eight out of the top 10 finishers in the women's 100-meter race being from Maryville. Senior Braiden Sells placed first in both the 200 and 400-meter races, and the girls 4-x-100 and 4-x-400 relay teams also placed first in their respective heats.

“At the beginning of the year, we had really good chances. For boys, for our district and our conference, and for our girls, hopefully, we can win a few more meets than we did last year,” Renshaw said. “I think that’s pushing us because we have such young girls, and we have a really good distance team, and I think it just really all builds together.”

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