Maryville tennis, Class 3, District 16

Junior Chiara Francesca Ghera and the Spoofhounds advanced to the Class 3 District 16 team championship with a 5-2 victory over Trenton Oct. 2.

Maryville tennis entered district play Oct. 2 after a five-day stretch of no action. It didn’t matter though, as the Spoofhounds prevailed against Trenton 5-2, setting up a date with MEC rival Savannah Oct. 3.

The Spoofhounds began the match flat, after a venue change, pushed the match to the High Rise courts on the Northwest campus. The ‘Hounds struggled to gain momentum early on, but remained steady throughout the match. Junior Addison Hall was happy with how her team performed, but knew there was some things the team could work on moving forward.

“We’re doing pretty good; I mean there is definitely some things we can all improve and focus on,” Hall said.

The ‘Hounds did improve, as they gained control of the match after the lull at the start. With strong performances from Kamryn Gastler, Chiara Ghera, Morgan Goodridge and others, the Spoofhounds were in a position to end the match, when another venue change occured due to low sunlight with the final three matches already underway.

The matches were resumed at Beal Park in Maryville, where Emma Webb-Kirkpatrick and Cayren Barnett continued play, midway through their respective matches. Webb-Kirkpatrick was able to come out victorious in her match, sealing the victory for Maryville and advancing them to the next round in Savannah.

Spoofhound head coach Nicole McGinness said she was proud of the way her girls were able to handle the venue changes and other obstacles that got in the way throughout the day.

“It was a struggle, but the girls were able to play through all the adversity that we had today,” McGinness said. “I was really proud of them for overcoming that.”

The ‘Hounds will now move forward and set their focus on the Savages, who they have split with in two contests this year, losing 5-3 in one meeting and getting the better of them 3-2 when the two clashed in the Benton Tournament last month.

“I think we’ve got a good shot. We’re just going to have to play tough,” McGinness said of the upcoming match against the Savages.

Should the Spoofhounds come out victorious in Savannah, they will move on to Sectional play later this month.

Visit for details on Maryville’s Oct. 2 match-up with Savannah.

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