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As fall intramurals start to dwindle down, eSports make an appearance.

The Campus Recreation held its first eSport intramural of the year with a Call of Duty Tournament Wednesday. This year they played Call of Duty WWII, which was released Nov. 3. This is the second straight year for Call of Duty to be included in intramurals.

“When I was planning for the fall ‘17 (2017) back at the start of summer, traditionally in the past couple of years, we have done a couple of video game tournaments,” James Hinson Director of Student Recreation and Competitive Sports said. “We do these to get folks who traditionally may not come to the SRC to come to the facility in the hopes that this may be an introduction for them to the facility.”

This is not the only eSport that the campus has done. In the past they have had Mario Kart, Wii Bowling, FIFA, NBA 2K and Madden.

According to sophomore Cody Evans, Call of Duty is the most popular of the eSports on campus.

“I play Call of Duty competitively and I find it the most interesting and most fun, especially when you play competitively,” Evans said.

Evans has been playing Call of Duty competitively for many years, and is a participant in this years tournament.

There were eight players signed up to play. Every game was played on the Pointe du Hoc Map. Translation: to win the game, a player must have 35 kills or have the most kills at the end of 25 minutes.

The players can use any weapon that they choose except for shotguns; shotguns are the only restricted weapon for the tournament.

“I have been playing COD (Call of Duty) for years now and want to prove my skill,” Evans said.

Unlike most intramurals, the eSports are one-day tournaments. These tournaments are not as popular as the weeklong tournaments.

“Campus Recreation's one-two day tournaments in general are not as popular as we would like them to be,” Hinson said. “However, we have seen growth in one-two day tournaments that involve individual play as opposed to dual play or team play.”

This fall Call of Duty is the only eSport Campus Recreation is offering.

“We have had gaming tournaments in the past. Some of them go really well and some of them don't. It all depends on what our student population is into.” Hinson said. “In regards to adding esport leagues I am not sure we are there yet. Anything is possible if our gaming tournaments see growth.”

The winner could not be provided before print publication.

“We hope that they have a great time playing a video game in the facility and that may help them decide to come back and try other things like exercise, informal recreation, group exercise, personal training, intramural sports, or sport clubs,” Hinson said.

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