Zach Howard Letter

It is easy to think negative thoughts about the whole situation. Many of us have been playing some sort of organized football ever since we were 9 years old. And I can almost guarantee all of us had a dream of playing college football and possibly even professional.

I was 7 years old when I got my first pair of pads from my grandpa, and this year will be the first in 14 years that I won’t strap them on.

It is saddening to know that there won’t be Bearcat football this fall, and it’s heartbreaking knowing that many dreams will have to be put on hold or altered altogether throughout the nation. Like I said, it is easy to think about the negatives in all the chaos that is happening, but let’s point out a few positives.

There will be Bearcat football in the future. It sucks that it isn’t right now, but it will continue, and when it does, our mission will be the same. Another positive is that no one is losing eligibility, which is a blessing for so many people, especially those who are trying to play at the next level.

It is a cliché saying, but one most of us have heard, “Celebrate a broken heart for that means you have experienced love.” That may not be the exact quote, but you get the idea. I think this applies to what is happening with us now.

At this moment in time, we are heartbroken there won’t be a season within the upcoming months. We are sad because the memories we have made in the past on Saturdays in the fall have been about joy and happiness. We will miss Bearcat football this fall and possibly next spring, but I thank God every day for allowing me to have experienced what I have here so far, and I’m excited for the few more years left.

I will miss so many things over the next year that I have experienced in the past, but that’s OK. Because hopefully in a years’ time, the season will be starting back up as if nothing had changed. Life will go on, and in 10 years we can look back at the year of 2020 and hopefully say that we still made memories and created experiences to look back upon.

Bearcat Nation, I love you all, and there is no place that I’d rather be.

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