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Senior pitcher Adam Becker helped lead the Spoofhounds to a 9-1 victory over Marysville. Maryville will play St. Joseph-Lafayette April 12.

Maryville baseball recently embarked on a journey to Bethany, Missouri, to prove that the team’s early-season offensive woes are in the past as it competed in the inaugural Babe Adams Tournament.

The Spoofhounds found the bats in the tournament as they scored double-digit runs in both of their games. The tournament saw a lot of offense as Maryville was able to outshine the competition at the plate.

Coach Carson Riedel was enthusiastic about the team’s performance.

“Honestly, it’s great that we have been hitting the ball so well as of late,” Riedel said. “You know, considering where we started off the year, we have made some big strides, and I think we are finally starting to see the potential that this team has.”

The first game the ‘Hounds faced off against Plattsburg and found themselves with a hefty 7-1 lead after a couple of home runs by junior Jeff Stooksbury. In the sixth inning, Maryville was hanging onto a one-run lead 7-6.

With the game on the line, senior Tyler Houchin stepped up to the plate and homered to extend the Spoofhound lead to four runs driving in three off the home run. This marked the ‘Hounds third home run of the game, where they showcased their offensive firepower.

Riedel voiced some concern when the lead was cut to one run in the sixth. He quickly overcame any worry as Houchin stepped up to the plate.

“Things got a little uneasy there in the first game when we let them claw their way back in,” Riedel said. “When I saw him (Houchin) make contact, I knew it was gone, so that kind of blew the game back open for us to finish it.”

Maryville was able to top Plattsburg 10-6 and advance to play Maysville for a chance to win the inaugural Babe Adams Tournament. The ‘Hounds found themselves in a different spot this time around as the bats were not producing early in the game.

Maysville was able to jump out to an early 6-1 lead in the second inning. The Spoofhounds proved they had plenty of heart and wouldn’t go down without a fight. Maryville scored eight runs in the next two innings to knot everything up at 9 at the end of the fourth.

“We just started out way too slow,” Stooksbury said. “Luckily enough, we were able to get on a roll and make it a game down the stretch.”

Maryville was able to add two more runs in the fifth to take the lead over Maysville. That marked the end of the first Babe Adams Tournament as the Spoofhounds emerged victoriously. Some of the ‘Hounds felt that this is just another building block for the end of the season.

“We just need to keep building these wins on top of another,” Houchin said. “We just need to stay on top of our bats and working on our looks at the plate.”

As Maryville has finally unveiled its offense, now the main concern is staying consistent at the plate. The ‘Hounds will focus on offensive consistency at the Pony Express Tournament April 15-18.

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