The Northwest Missourian is the student-run newspaper at Northwest Missouri State University. The newspaper is put together by about 30 paid staff members and a practicum class offered through the University. The newspaper re-hires for all positions, excluding Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, every semester. Applications for upcoming semesters open towards the end of previous semesters. For example, applications to be on paid staff for Spring 2021 are open now through November 27.But sometimes we hire in the middle of the semester if positions become available. The standing Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor make all the hiring decisions.

Our applications for Spring 2021 are open now. Apply here

In a field competitive as journalism, it's crucial that students take up joining a student publication. You'll need bylines to get a job, let alone an internship. The Northwest Missourian will guarantee you those bylines within the first few weeks of working there. Whether you're looking to be a reporter, photographer, designer, media leader, social media guru or work on outreach, The Northwest Missourian will be a good fit for you.

The job positions we have are as follows:


The Northwest Missourian has around 10-12 reporters across news, sports and features. They, along with section editors, are responsible for covering the news of Northwest Missouri State and Maryville. They can spot a good news story and know how to tell it. 

1. Responsible for generating story ideas to appear online and in the newspaper

2. Responsible for writing two stories per week. 

3. Available to take on late-breaking stories.

5. Maintains beat responsibilities.

6. Responsible for seeing that university, community news stories are fact and style-checked.

7. Responsible for staying on top of current events on NWMSU campus, Maryville community and other stories that can be localized to NWMSU.

8. Responsible for following deadline and producing content for the website as well as the print product.

9. Sometimes responsible for taking photos, especially in the event of breaking news.

10. Responsible for fact checking information in your story and making suggested edits by editors.

11. Communicate with assigned photographer on a regular basis and update them on any changes and who your sources are. 

12. Responsible for drafting complete stories online and assisting section editors with ideas on social posts.

13. Must participate in one hour of newspaper distribution every Thursday. 

14. Be familiar with the SBJ's code of reporting ethics. 

15. Attend regularly scheduled meetings. 


The Northwest Missourian's photo staff is made up of four photographers and a photo editor. All articles usually are expected to have associating photojournalism to help visually aid the article. The Northwest Missourian can provide cameras, lenses, SD cards, flashes and batteries to photographers if need be. 

1. Responsible for 3-4 photo. assignments per week. 

2. Expected to shoot in manual settings. 

3. Expected to edit 3-10 photos per event in Photoshop or Lightroom and write cutlines for those photos. Editing should maintain the integrity of the photographic images’ content and context. Do not manipulate images or add or alter sound in any way that could mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.

4. Attend regular meetings and special meetings setup by the photo editor or editor-in-chief. 

5. Posts photos or photo galleries online within 24 hours of an event.

6. Must put photos on the server by deadline. 

7. Responsible for making edits suggested by an editor on cutlines. 

8.  Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects.

9. Strive for total and unrestricted access to subjects, recommend alternatives to shallow or rushed opportunities seek a diversity of viewpoints, and work to show unpopular or unnoticed points of view. 

10. Think proactively to develop a unique vision and presentation. Work with a voracious appetite for current contemporary visual media. 

11. Initiate communication with reporters on a regular basis.  

12. Must participate in one hour of newspaper distribution every Thursday. 

Photo Editor

1. Held to the same job requirements as photographers. 

2. Hosts a weekly photo meeting with photographers to check on assignments and give out new assignments. 

3. Reports to the editor-in-chief and managing editor when a deadline is missed. 

4. Ensures photos are edited well, walks through re-edits with photographers if need be. 

5. Places photos in the proper folders for print every week. 

6. Edits cutlines, responsible for making sure designers know where to fund cutlines. 

7. Attends regularly scheduled meetings. 

12. Must participate in one hour of newspaper distribution every Thursday. 

13. Picks up last-minute breaking news photo needs. 

14. Initiates communication with photographers on a daily basis to ensure assignments are being completed to the best of their abilities.  


The design section of the Northwest Missourian is staffed with two to three designers and a design editor. They marry together articles, photos, infographics and illustrations to make the newspaper look good. 

1. Designs 2-3 pages per week. 

2. Expected to design infographics, and communicate with reporters and section editors on content. 

3. Read articles before designing to get draw inspiration for appropriate design.

4. Stay up to date on design trends by looking to other publications. 

5. Attend regularly scheduled meetings. 

6. Design pages to present the content, not decorate.