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Keep your eyes closed, unless you want to lose your mind is the major tenet of the 2018 film “Bird Box,” which was released on Netflix mid-December. While it has received a huge amount of views, it left me with a sense of disappointment when I was hoping for a true horror film. Read more

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There are a lot of issues with attempting to rank the most accomplished Northwest men’s basketball players of the 2010s, maybe the most important of which boils down to one simple fact: not every college career is started and finished within the vacuum of a decade.

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As we all know, climate change is a big issue in the world today and the environment needs our help. According to National Geographic, climate change is defined as “the long-term alteration of temperature and normal weather patterns in a place.”

I am pro-life. When I tell people I believe all have the right to life, they assume my belief  ends once the child is born. This is not the case. I believe everyone has a right to life, including our criminals.

In a world where murder, terrorism and acts of violence are commonplace on the local news, it is sometimes necessary to use capital punishment.

As students, we learn about the issues leading to the Civil War and the effects of the Nazis during the 1930s and 1940s. Yet, it is rare to learn about Native Americans outside of the context of the Pilgrims or as groups that caused conflict in the American West.

Chances are if someone has ever worked in fast food, retail or a similar customer service based industry, they have heard someone say something along the lines of, “When are you going to get a real job?”

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The war against vaccines is not a battle anybody should need to address. It’s 2019, and having measles outbreaks plastered across multiple headlines is unbelievable with the amount of technology we have.