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Dear Editor,

As an alumn of Northwest Missouri State University, it has given me great pleasure since graduating in 1989 to see the tremendous growth the University has enjoyed. Most of that growth has been directly related to the leadership of my former instructor Dr. John Jasinski.

That said, you can imagine my tremendous sadness and shock to hear the Board of Regents decision not to renew Dr. Jasinski’s contract. I awaited word as to what the president had done to make his removal necessary. I’ve had a couple of regents reach out to me with knowledge there have been five regents with a personal vendetta against Dr. Jasinski which led to his removal. Among those, according to these regents, were Regent Moore and (even more shocking) Regent Tjeerdsma. The latter regent I felt would be the last to put personal issues ahead of the betterment of the University. My fears were validated when Regent Tjeerdsma acknowledged in an email response that he had issues with Dr. Jasinski over the firing of a basketball coach. I think if those who love this University would pressure these regents more, we would learn the dark truth about why five regents would push for the removal of a president who gained nationwide praise for growth at a time when most higher education institutions were struggling.

What has sickened me most is the lack of pressure from students, from instructors and most importantly from alumni for answers from this board. I understand they have cowardly hidden behind privacy laws which, as they hoped, has led to the community to seemingly move on. It is an embarrassment what we’ve allowed five individuals to do. it is a tragedy that we’ve let them continue. Where does this end? It is up to all of us to pressure these regents, regardless of location, to answer our questions. Remember, these regents are supposed to put the University first, which clearly they are not. Further silence from the Northwest community will do nothing more than deteriorate the growth Dr. Jasinski created. This is a hallmark moment in the history of our institution, we can not let these five regents further their one track goal of selfish vendettas at the expense of the University! Email these regents (you can find their emails on the Northwest website), ask them questions in person since they control communications during meetings. Ask them how much this unnecessary search for a president is costing the University and have them further justify how this money is better served on a search for a president over the growth and development of the very students they are to serve.

Silence is prominent now, and silence is what these five regents have hoped for. Now is not the time for silence, now is the time for answers from those five that work for us. Now is the time to add pressure to them and continue until the answers we deserve are given.



Troy Apostol

Class of 1989

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