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Johnny Depp claims to have submitted 87 pieces of evidence against his ex-wife Amber Heard, stating he is the victim of abuse. Sadly, no one seems to care.

Male victims of abuse, be it physical, mental or sexual, are often left out of the conversation surrounding abuse and how to fix the problem. In many cases, they are dismissed or looked at with more suspicion than their female counterparts.

With men, they sometimes are forced to wonder if they are a victim or an abuser. According to the Mayo Clinic, abusers will often manipulate the situation to fit their narrative.

“It's common for survivors of domestic violence to act out verbally or physically against the abuser, yelling, pushing or hitting him or her during conflicts,” the website said. “The abuser may use such incidents to manipulate you, describing them as proof that you are the abusive partner.”

For some victims, particularly men, it’s difficult to even tell if they are in an abusive relationship.

“If you're having trouble identifying what's happening, take a step back and look at larger patterns in your relationship,” the Mayo Clinic website said. “Then, review the signs of domestic violence. In an abusive relationship, the person who routinely uses these behaviors is the abuser. The person on the receiving end is being abused.”

Even if you're still not sure, seek help. Intimate partner violence causes physical and emotional damage — no matter who is at fault.”

The fact Depp’s situation isn’t making headlines like when Heard accused him of abuse is detrimental to male advocates and movements like #MeToo.

During the start of #MeToo movement many men, famous and ordinary, came forward about abuse, harassment and objectification they faced, but were met with rejection and ridicule. One of the more famous incidents of this was when “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington came forward about a type of objectification in the film industry. He was then pushed to apologize for his comments.

I wonder if his wife, “Game of Thrones” co-star, Rose Leslie, would have faced the same backlash if she said women were objectified in Hollywood. My guess would be no.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four men has been physically abused by an intimate partner. However, despite how large of a problem this is, people just don’t seem to care as much and even find humor in the abuse of men.

A U.K. social experiment conducted in 2017, found people are more likely to step in if the victim is a woman.

“We staged a social experiment, with a man threatening to abuse a woman, and then a woman threatening to abuse a man,” participant Eline Van Der Velden said. “We used the same words and body language, and it happened for the same amount of time in the same place… When the roles were reversed, and I was screaming at Will (the other participant), only one person stopped in 90 minutes.”

Of the people who watched the situation, most were apathetic at best and mocking Will at worst.

“Most people just kept on walking. Some teenage boys even came over and started taking photos and posting them on Snapchat...They thought it was funny he was being humiliated in public - it was worth a Snapchat.”

If we are going to demand justice for victims, we should demand justice for all victims and not just women.

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Issabella Signa

Also frank Larson he did submit 87 videos, 17 eye witnesses and testimonies including police officers , pictures with data stamp , and her confessions under oath to abusing him , guess what smart guy it’s public record the court docs so it don’t make sense that you are calling the author of this a liar . We’ve seen the court documents also amber heard lawyer have not disputed his admitted evidence unlike her he didn’t sell his to the tabloids .

Issabella Signa

Frank Larson you are a liar . Every thing you said in the Comment is a lie . Before Amber heard Johnny Depp was in an almost 20 year relationship with Vanessa Paradis the Parisian Singer and Actress and mother of his children . You writing lies about him abusing woman is sick . Where are the other women that he sbused where are the previous accusations and arrests ? Amber heard has a previous arrest for domestic violence that was witnessed by the arresting officer , she also confessed under oath in her deposition to abusing Jonnny Depp . It’s sick that most of you are holding a grudge on Johnny Depp because he criticized Trump so you make up lies out of spite , guess what ? This isn’t politics . Grow up .

Frank Larson

"Johnny Depp claims to have submitted 87 pieces of evidence against his ex-wife Amber Heard, stating he is the victim of abuse. Sadly, no one seems to care."

Not entirely true. Johnny Depp's legion of fans and a certain dark corner of the Men Supremacist movement care and have erupted in faux anger for obvious reasons. Fans will believe Depp, with his 30 year history of arrests and abuse, over their own mother. It's those soulful eyes (swoon!) The latter has been salivating for years for a high profile case to 'prove' women lie about abuse and abuse men 'all the time.' I haven't seen such hive mentality that a woman is evil since the Amanda Knox case.

Without casting any doubt on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence's stats on abused men you provided, because it obviously happens and should be taken seriously, Richard J. Gelles, an American writer, sociologist, director for the Center for Research on Youth & Social Policy and chair of Child Welfare and Family Violence in the School of Social Policy & Practice, and author of 'Domestic Violence: Not An Even Playing Field,' states "Indeed, men are hit by their wives, they are injured, and some are killed. But... men who beat their wives, who use emotional abuse and blackmail to control their wives, and are then hit or even harmed [by their wives], cannot be considered battered men. A battered man is one who is physically injured by a wife or partner and has not physically struck or psychologically provoked her."

Based on what we know so far, that is the likely situation with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Depp, used to demure women who would put up with his violent mood swings, met a lady who hit back.

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