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Netflix will never compare to the thrill of walking through a video store filled to the brim with a perfect mixture of classics, modern tales, gushy romances, thrilling adventures and a whole section guaranteed to cause tears.

While the sad, boarded façade of Video Magic is a constant reminder of the death of this dream, hope still lies with Redbox. But, to uphold the last viable chance of this magical and nostalgic experience, we must act now. It can be done in one easy, rewarding way- visiting the local Redbox.

I know what many are thinking: I’m beating a dead horse. DVDs are dead, streaming websites are in and that’s just how it has to be in this developing, digital world.

Well, I refuse to accept that and so should every student still mourning the loss of those glorious, dusty VHS tapes in their parents’ basements and desperately holding onto the memories of slowly rewinding that Disney movie again and again.

Don’t let DVDs meet the same fate. Don’t let Redbox fall to the same plague that devastated Blockbuster and its video store companions.

The joy is in the journey. No high-tension debate selecting a Netflix film in the living room will ever compare to the adventure and excitement of an actual, physical movie run.  

That vibrant red kiosk acts as a beacon of hope and a sure-sign of a good night. The opportunity to wander those hallowed rows of a movie store may be long behind us, but the intimate connection of tabbing through Redbox’s extensive list of titles is the next best thing.

With Redbox conveniently adjourning Hy-Vee and Walmart, a snack stop is automatically built in and few can resist a good two for one deal. That’s not even mentioning the bonus of a potential jam session on the way to the store.

Besides, there are few feelings more relatable than that of having no other options available on Netflix because all the best shows have already been binged and purged. A periodic trip to Redbox is the perfect way to freshen up the mix and bring some variety to the movie selection. Redbox is constantly releasing new and returning titles, many that are not available on Netflix.

Records and Polaroids worked their way back into pop culture and the hearts of hipsters everywhere. Nothing is stopping DVDs from making the same triumphant return.

Rescuing the forgotten DVD player from the depths of storage is the first step in this glorious revolution. If there isn’t a DVD player to be found, they can be purchased at the familiar low, low price of any technology society has deemed obsolete.

That purchase is an investment in not only the success of all future movie nights, but in the nostalgic redemption of all DVDs as well as the future of Redbox and all those who worked so hard to build that brand.

Before spending another night aimlessly and hopelessly clicking through Netflix, people need to consider the true untapped potential of that sad, forgotten Redbox only a few blocks away. This moment of consideration could very well save that movie night and save this dwindling business.

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